Wallpaper Love : Quirky Messages

CUTE WALLPAPER for my iphone.jpg

heyyy! okay, so i’m genuinely sorry about how late this post is. it was supposed to go up yesterday or so, but i ended up falling asleep while writing. sigh, it’s been a hectic school week. buut, of course i’ve still been working on a little something for you guys. bring out, the wallpapers!! (hehe.)

gotta say, a lot of my designs and inspirations come to me when i least expect it, usually when i’m just playing around with my brush pen in my notebook. this one came to life just like that!!

while doodling, an idea suddenly came to mind for a really tongue-in-cheek quote. it’s a plain white background wit

h these cute hand-written words, kinda telling people that – hey, look my phone’s wallpaper is basically white. stop looking!

i don’t know, i just thought it was really cute! i actually think i’ll be using this one soon. it’s got a lil’ bit of attitude and is sort of meta / unusual. what do you think? i hope you enjoy it 🙂

i’m sorry about how short this post is, but i’d rather just cut to the chase and let y’all download the wallpaper rather than rambling on. more wallpapers are coming so soon, here’s a lil’ sneak peek/behind-the-scenes look at it.


i promise you loads more posts are right on their way. for now, happy downloading and using this wallpaper!

{download it here!} 

xx, roxanne

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7 thoughts on “Wallpaper Love : Quirky Messages

  1. roxanne says:

    heyy roxanne! i see we have the same name, HAHA. my heart is swelling with joy because of your comment, hehe. always feels great to be appreciated, so thank you very much!
    xx, roxanne


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