Planning Strategies for the New Year

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new year, new start, right?? i can wax lyrical about planners for the whole of this year, and that still wouldn’t be enough… but anyway. i like to jokingly think of converting people to the planner obsession as one of the small callings i’ve been given 🙂

so today’s post will be just that! if you found last year not quite up to your standards, like it was too messy and you just weren’t ready for all the things that came your way… then planners are for you.

(just saying, i’m super sorry that this post took SO LONG. seriously, i had the idea since a really long time ago, but due to homework and the need to make it really comprehensive and good, it’s only up now!)

anywayyys, there are really many types of planners you can use… weekly views? daily views? desktop planners?? the variety can certainly make your head spin.

although i personally have used (and loved) weekly view planners my entire life, i’m not gonna just suggest them. because i want you to choose the planner type that suits YOU the best! everyone’s different, so here’s a roundup of some of the more common types so as to give you a little push with your decision making.

H A R D C O P Y 

there are honestly SO MANY of these… so i just listed the common kinds. it may be a little lacking, so please tell me if you have any types you really really like, because i will add them to the list 🙂

1. book-style planners

2 kikki.K planners.jpg

my weekly view kikki.K planner 🙂

my favourite planner brands include staples like Typo and Kikki.K, but I’ve noticed that planners are also really popular too.

these brands sell a ton of book-style planners – the sort where there are spaces for dates on each page – and kikki.K does the really amazing but ridiculously expensive binder planner (which is reusable over the years!). take a look at their websites and you’ll know what i mean!

2. desktop calendars 

3 getting organized for the new year.jpg

from typo!

Typo is the place to get one of these… they literally have the cutest designs! these are good if you want to see the whole month at a glance directly in front of you on the table rather than having to flip through your book. oh, and they’re really versatile. no space on your table?? hang it up on the wall! just make sure you can reach and write on it easily.

desktop planners aren’t really my thing, but hey, they might be yours! 😉

3. plain-lined notebook

yeah yeah, i know these are really basic. however, you might want to opt for a plain lined notebook instead of a planner with specific dates if you don’t think you’ll be writing stuff in it everyday, or you want a looser format.

using a notebook has it’s benefits! you can change the amount of space you have for each day, as well as write down notes / doodle in the increased space you have. in general, it’s just much more customizable.

S O F T C O P Y 

i’m definitely leaning towards hardcopy anything, so i probably won’t be using softcopy planning apps/sites anytime soon, but i do know a lot of people like them. so I thought I’d include some apps or desktop sites you can use for planning out your life!

(disclaimer: i haven’t used these before, merely because it’s my preference.)

1. Asana

not gonna lie, i’ve never tried Asana before… apart from knowing that it’s a sort of online project management system where you can make projects and tasks, i’m pretty much an Asana noob. buuut- my pal Nora Conrad is a total expert! 🙂 i’ll leave it up to her post to introduce you to that app! (oh, and tell her i sent you, hehe.)

2. Sunrise calendar app

i’ve heard so many good things about this one too! Sunrise not only has a really attractive layout, it also lets you sync with other apps in your phone. download it on all your devices and you’ll basically always be in control! (more info in the link above)

3. Google’s calendar

if i’m not wrong, this calendar ties in with your emails, which might be useful if you get a lot of events in your email! also, if you use your computer at work or school, it helps to have everything it one place.

G E N E R A L  T I P S 

with all that said, how should you use your planner?? here are some more general tips that should work no matter which type of planner you eventually decide upon.

T H E  P L A N N E R  S C H E D U L E 

(AKA, the stuff you came here for! just saying, this is really just how i do it. tell me how you do your planner!)

• write out stuff for the week on sunday/saturday night

4 using my planner to get neat.jpg

this helps especially  during the holidays, or revision season, when you don’t have specific homework each day. this way, you’ll have a bit more direction when it comes to work. if you do daily exercise or have a special event the next day, you can put it down too! just anything you need to note.

• customize with stickers, post its and paperclip on paper

these are SO good for unconfirmed appointments! cut out a small block of adhesive note and stick it on the tentative date. you can remove it or move it to a different day when changes happens.

also, stickers basically really brighten up your journal. kikki.K journals come with their own sheet of matching themed stickers, which is probably the best thing. EVER. even so, you can still buy your own stickers! choose some cute prints you like, as well as those stickers that say “important” that you can paste on important (as the name suggests!) dates.

• keep a monthly view / calendar

5 productivity with my calendar.jpg

here you can put down monthly goals, or mark out big periods of time like holidays. personally, i try to only note down important events bcos there’s usually quite little space, plus any daily tasks will be added in the daily section. do what works for you, as usual!

• if you’re a fanatic of something, buy a specialized planner!

6 my to-do list in action.jpg

these include meal planners, exercise planners, and to-do lists! all these special planners come with better sections, proper headers, more appropriate space… for example there may be space for water intake or an ingredients list. but other than that…

• try not to split up planner types

because honestly, having different stuff in different places can be confusing! i prefer to buy a good comprehensive planner and stick to it. it won’t be too much fun if you have to flip between multiple books to find everything you need for each day, so try to keep it all in one place.

WHEW. that was a ridiculously long post… and it’s almost late for this week’s post schedule! but still 🙂 it’s here. i hope you’ve been a little more converted to the planner side, heh. it’s really not too late to start planning out your year, no matter what time it is when you read this.

xx, roxanne

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  1. roxanne says:

    YES! we’re in good company, then. sorry about this late comment, it sunk to the bottom of my newsfeed but i dug it up today. hope your planning is going real good anyway, and thanks for the love, as usual!
    xx, roxanne

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