Hello 2016!

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omg. it’s 2016 already! imagine that, this year’s gone by just like that. the passing of time always scares me so much, but 2015 seemed to be an exceptionally brief year. i hope you had a crazy good new year’s eve, whether you went out or just camped indoors with your friends/family.

i thought i’d ramble a little about 2016, 2015, and share some of my faves from this year and everything!

if you ask me… i think new year’s really a kind of weird thing on introspection. with only one day’s difference, we tick over in a completely new chapter of our lives. because humans constructed years like this, we consider it a big event! i can’t help but think that’s a little crazy how crossing over that midnight mark can make such a big difference.

whew! that was so deep? well, for one, today’s the first day i’ll be seeing actual yearly stats, lol. (if you’re a blog user, you’d understand: blog stats can be viewed by the day, week, month or year… so).

not gonna lie, i don’t believe that much in new year’s resolutions. sure, setting goals and stuff is really my jam, but i think that goals can be set anytime of year.

either way, 2016 will be a very busy year for me, with school work and commitments piling on like nobody’s business. i’m going to put it out there that i would definitely be having less posts (especially around exam seasons!) and maybe taking a break here and there. i hope everyone can understand! school is equally important to me and i also need to balance my focus on other parts of my life.

with that settled… hm. well, this year, i guess i’m hoping for blog growth. in the sense that i really enjoy blogging and i hope everyone enjoys these posts too! if it brightens up your day and helps you love design and organization and all that… then it’s working.

more personally, i’m also hoping to get my priorities straight. i spend far too much time on useless things like social media and youtube and scrolling aimlessly through feeds, and i really hope i can cut down on all that wasted time. i’m fully aware that if i save those moments, i can spend them much more profitably on blogging and school work! long story short, get more focused on the real, important things.

onto a recap of this year!


i don’t wish to bog you down with an overdose of posts, so here are just the highlights from each category on my blog. take a look… i hope you remember their existence 😉 and either way, enjoy reading!

WALLPAPERS – #CanopyAdvent15

• A Wallpaper A Day • // join us in counting down to Christmas with a free phone wallpaper everyday! hosted by The Magical Canopy

ohhh my gosh. i swear, this was probably the highlight of my entire blogging year! i spent a good 12 days working my butt off to put up wallpapers everyday, as part of a run-up to christmas.

more than just (hopefully) bringing joy to each of your days in december, i also get to step up my wallpaper game, experiment with new styles and just do a lot of wallpapers in a really short time. (which if you ask me, is great for building up that hustlin’ spirit.)

CRAFT – A Guide to Nature Photography with an iPhone

• A Guide to Nature Photography with an iPhone • // no fancy DSLR?? no problem. here's a complete guide of tips to maximise your phone's potential, because trust me - it has a lot of that! {via The Magical Canopy}

this post was loads of fun to write! (and judging from the comments on it, i hope everyone enjoyed it too.) i think in the photography world, iphone cameras are just not appreciated enough. sure, actual professional cameras probably have the potential to take much better photos, but in a pinch, the iphone is an amazingly useful gadget too!

i hope this post helps to tell you that and also give you some tips on making the most of your iphone’s camera. 

ORGANIZATION – Free Printable School Notepaper (part one!)

pretty free to do list printable

as you can see from the title of this post… there not just one, but two posts of free notepaper! i thought i’d do a freebie other than wallpapers, and this is what i  came up with!

more seriously, i think notepaper is a student’s best friend. i legit can’t live without some note-taking materials, and if you’re anything like that, these printables will be lifesavers for you!

{read part two here!} 

BLOGGING – 10 FREE Styled Stock Photos for Bloggers

• Free Styled Stock Photos for Bloggers • // The Magical Canopy

NO KIDDING. i loved this post so much, and i’m saying this from a personal point of view. good photos are so so so important to bloggers (and for non-bloggers, just a really nice non-essential), but also ridiculously expensive.

i cannot begin to explain how happy i get when i see free stock photos for download that i actually nice, so i decided to do a favour for all of you! these photos are just that: featuring things like stationery and 100% free for personal use. (note that one, please don’t sell them or anything like that)

LIFESTYLE – 10 Things to Do for a Productive Weekend

• 10 Things to Do for a Productive Weekend • // The Magical Canopy

productivity. ugh, we’ve all craved that before, haven’t we?? weekends are the best time for productivity if you ask me! and also the hardest… those weekend lazies (not a real word, lol.) hit hard, don’t they?

i’ve put together a bunch of tips and actual pointers for how to spend your upcoming weekend in the most productive way ever! just saying, i tried to write out a summary of tips in that post… but let’s just say you’ll have to read them for yourself! 😉

last year was a freaking wonderful + amazing (not just one adjective, TWO!), so thank you so much for your support. here’s me looking forward to a magiiical 2016 with you 🙂

xx, roxanne

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p.s. hey you! you can snag yourself some new year themed wallpapers over here (*waves*) if you like! i highly recommend you do, hehe.


6 thoughts on “Hello 2016!

  1. roxanne says:

    o.o hahaha thanks so much for this hannah but my birthday’s actually in september OOPS ><!! don't feel bad though i'll keep this in mind when the date rolls around lol ❤
    xx, roxanne


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