Wallpaper Love: New Year’s Eve

• Wallpaper Love : New Year's Eve Designs • // kick off this year with two cute wallpaper designs - via The Magical Canopy

my goodness. can you believe that 2016 is this close from being here?? or that this year’s about to end?? i don’t know about you, but it’s certainly gone by way too fast for me… it seems like everything passed me by way faster than expected!

i hope this year’s been treating you well, though! and i’ve got just the surprise to brighten up your final days of 2015: wallpapers. 😀

there are two cute designs available for free download and personal use 🙂 both of them are text-overlay types! (i’m not that great at explaining, but you can take a look at them below, heh.) i would have to say this is my favourite wallpaper style, and even though i want to push that comfort zone, i also really really enjoy making this sort of wallpaper, so i thought i’d end the year on a good note.

(because i was rushing these wallpapers… i didn’t get to shoot some photos of them. but you can see what they look like by clicking the links in  each header!)

D E S I G N #1

i’ve been very interested in adding more illustrated wallpapers to my blog… i know that this one’s mostly lettered, buuut i tried to draw that lil’ calendar on the side. you can look out for more illustration wallpapers very soon, though! it’s on my agenda.

<both photo and lettering are mine>

D E S I G N #2: phone | desktop

i’ve played around more with the text in this design; you can see in the first design the lettering is more of an even, repetitive. i’m completely in love with hand-lettered flourishes and making words connect with each other, so that’s what i wanted to try out with this one.

oh yes, and it comes in both a desktop and mobile size! click on the links above to get either… or both 😉

<photo from unsplash, lettering by me>

i don’t want to get too cheesy with new year’s stuff (besides, i’ll be doing a year-end update post veryy soon), but here’s wishing every single one of you a very very happy new year, or new year’s eve! (timezones. hah!)

i hope that 2015 treated you very well, and 2016 treats you even better. ❤

xx, roxanne

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