Making the Days Count: Festive Season Tips!

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heyyy. hope you’re having a merry christmas, christmas eve or just general happy holidays! (whatever you celebrate.) with christmas and new year just in sight, i figured it’ll be a very hectic period for all of us…

i know that i’ve been rushing around and barely having time for anything i want to do. (and then feeling horribly guilty for a wasted day.) whether it’s lack of time or just that holiday laziness setting in, here’s some tips to help you cope with it!


i am SO obsessed with planners, you don’t even know… or maybe you do, if you read this blog 😉 i’ve been playing around with different planning strategies for the past few weeks (and i’ll be putting up a post about it soon!) and i’ve definitely noticed one trend: i get much more done if i plan out the week in advance.

here’s an idea of how i’d plan out my week: each weekend, i sit down with my Kikki.K planner and write down what i need to do each day. since there’s no school on right now, it’s mostly blog posts, personal projects, school work and maybe the occasional family outing.

nope, i don’t know the science behind it, but i know it works! i find this sort of planning gives me a sense of direction for each day and eliminates all that indecision about what to spend my time on. all i have to do is flip open my planner and get working! give it a try, it helps lots if you feel like you’ve been living without purpose.


okay… considering it’s already christmas for most of us, it’s probably too late to remind you to buy presents early… but still. early prep always makes for a stress-free holiday season.

if you’re feeling like procrastinating, remind yourself that it’ll all pay off when you don’t have to do that last-minute rush. get out there and buy whatever you need for the holiday season so you’ll be well-prepared when you have to go for an event/party or something.


between visiting loved ones or going shopping, always try to make use of any free time you have. perhaps when you’re waiting in the queue or for your food outside… it’s the perfect time to brainstorm blog post ideas (jot them down in your Reminders app!) or work on something (you can carry it with you in your bag).

buuuut… before you start burying your nose in work all the time while out with friends or family, note this! don’t sacrifice quality time with others for your work. remember, you can always do the work later, but you may not be able to spend time with them later.

aaand, always have a plan when it comes to your work (this is where the first tip comes in, because you know what to do with the pockets of free time). bring along a notebook, your phone or papers that suit whatever you’re gonna be doing, so you’ll be prepared when you have some free time to spare!



not gonna lie, this is probably the hardest thing for me. as someone who strives for productivity and all that, i absolutely SUCK at getting over an unproductive day or something that didn’t work out.

as hard as it is, remember not to set the bar so high. try seeking help from family/friends to help remind you to give yourself a break and not always beat yourself up if something goes wrong during this busy period.

that way, you won’t be dwelling on a poorly spent day or a party that went wrong, and you’ll be able to better enjoy yourself.


even as the hustle and bustle starts, remember to enjoy every minute of it. think of it this way: you’re even blessed in some way to be part of hectic celebrations and surrounded by people.

if you’re able to spend time with your family members and friends and cherish the moments you get to spend with them, even if it’s rushed or not the ideal way you imagined it, it’s still a moment with them.

don’t worry about your workload or anything else when you’re around your loved ones!

hope you’re having a happy holidays regarding of what you celebrate. spend some time with your friends and family, don’t fuss too much about your work, and most importantly, enjoy yourself! have a magical, fab, superrrr festive season.

xx, roxanne

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