Christmas-Inspired Posters, Gift Tags, Cards and MORE!

*downloadable christmas art.jpg

with christmas so near and the festive season fully upon us, i’ve been seeing (and envying, not gonna lie) so many other bloggers’ festive posts, from printable gift tags to gift ideas (did that a few days ago!) to wrapping methods.

to be very honest, i think there’s already an insanely expansive range to choose from… so i thought i’d do something a little different! i’ve put together a cute collection of .png files of festive words and art that you can use for basically anything you want.

here we go! there are five designs, and i’ve included some really easy ideas on how to use them. just click on the headers to download!

(heads up to Katrien for spotting the missing links, lol.)

1 | M E R R Y  C H R I S T M A S // 

1 merry christmas card.jpg

this is a cute little design with some sort of berries and the words (hand-lettered, as usual!). i think it’ll be perfect on the front of a greeting card… or if you’re into e-cards this could be part of it too!

2 | W O R D  B A U B L E // 

2 word bauble printable.jpg

every word that makes you feel christmassy… designed into the shape of a christmas decoration! can’t get any better, if you ask me. i’d use this as a poster, because it’s not too outright christmassy. or you could print out the round part only, and actually hang it on your tree!

3 | J I N G L E  A L L  T H E  W A Y // 

3 jingle all the way.jpg

more poster material! this one’s a sweet little reindeer with that short line; jiiingle all the way. i think this would work really well as wall art, or on a gift tag (especially for someone who loves deer).

4 | D E C K  T H E  H A L L S // 

4 deck the halls greeting card.jpg

this would have to be my favourite of all the designs! i love the wreath, i think this would make a great poster on the front of your door (welcoming guests and such) or in your dining room. you could also print it out, stick it to a chopstick and poke it into your ham/turkey for some extra decor too!

5 deck the halls lettering wreath.jpg

it also looks legit amazing as a good ‘ol greeting card though!

5 | M A Y  Y O U R  T R E E T O P S  G L I S T E N // 

6 may your treetops glisten.jpg

a more unconventional quote! i personally love the minimalistic pine trees. this would be very cool on a card, maybe with some colours on the trees if you like.

remember, you can download each design by clicking the link in the headers. all for free, too!

to the newsletter subscribers though – y’all are in for a real treat! a bonus download will be plonked into your google drive :’) just to thank you for sticking around and supporting the blog.

it’s a set of festive words, the most versatile of all the downloads! this festive word set is hand-lettered by me and includes things like carols, candy canes, jingle bells, holidays… just crop out the one that you like and use it where ever you please! suggestions on how to use them will be sent to your emails very very soon 🙂

and yep, you CAN join us right here!

(you’ll get the bonus download too <3)

hope everyone’s christmas prep is going well and that these downloads help you out with the decor and such. do take a second to share them with your friend and leave a comment if it did! thanks again for everything. ❤

xx, roxanne

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18 thoughts on “Christmas-Inspired Posters, Gift Tags, Cards and MORE!

  1. roxanne says:

    i replied! links + the bonus upload are all up now. and it’s totally okay, i probably felt more flattered than anything else – it’s always nice to know the posts are being enjoyed!
    xx, roxanne


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