Gift Guide for the Organization Obsessed


with christmas and this whole season of gift-giving just around the corner, i couldn’t think of a better post to do today than a gift guide.

i really wanted to tailor it to a certain sort of gifts… and since i know myself best – here’s presenting a gift guide (not just for christmas, it works for anything other occasion, really) for the organization obsessed! if you know any friends who love getting neat with planners, to-do lists and other organizational tools… this is for you! (and them.)

here are my picks – things that i the self-confessed stationery-addict – would really like this season. i think they’ll make great gifts for your friend/s or… y’know, yourself. oh, and i tried to keep them reasonablely priced, that is, below $25 dollars, because i know we don’t all have money to burn. 😉

take a little browse through this gift guide and get some inspiration!

(p.s. this is my first time ever making graphics for round-ups… so please excuse me if they aren’t as good as others you’ve seen before. made with Preview.)

round up 1 copy.jpg

safari – pair of pocket notebook | rifle paper co.

white cabana – striped notebook | sugar paper la

 grue clay – notebook | belinda love lee

heart and soul – luxe notebook | the paper bunny

get shit done – notebook | bianca cash x migoals

round up 1.jpg

great things – everyday notepad | rifle paper co.

desktop – weekly desk planner | rifle paper co.

forest florals – weekly desk planner | the paper bunny

to-do list – daily jotter | moglea

push your fears aside – dreams notepad | blacklist studio

round up 1 copy 3.jpg

2016 cute – weekly planner (a7) | kikki.K

2016 calendar – cards | mint&ordinary (these are a bit more than $25 but WAY too good to not include!)

 don’t quit your daydream – 2016 hanging calendar | typo

weekly buffalo – 2016 diary (a6) | typo

today is the day – 2016 desk calendar | typo
(i’m afraid there was just too much typo goodness to leave anything out.)

round up 1 copy 4.jpg

cute slim ballpoint – assorted pack of 5 pens | kikki.K

bailey pineapple – pencil case | typo

folk everyday – writing pencil set | rifle paper co.

round up 1 copy 2.jpg

flamingo pen covers

cute decorated clothespegs

3 hand-bound notebooks

(tutorials all linked) 

for those of you ordering as christmas gifts: do note that you should try looking for these products (or similar) at actual physical shops where you are, because it’s very close to christmas already and online orders are not guaranteed to arrive on time.

WHEW! i edited collages till my fingers hurt, but i sure hope this curation gives you a hand when looking for gifts for your friends (or self) be it a notebook, planner or DIY present. don’t forget to share!

tell me what’s on your christmas wishlist in the comments below 😉 i’m personally wishing for most of the above stationery and a DSLR.

xx, roxanne


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