Inspiration: What it feels like + How to get inspired

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hey hey. every since starting this blog, i’ve become more observant towards my inspiration levels (which fluctuate a lot, by the way.) i think for anyone doing anything inspiration is terribly important, soo…

after a while of looking at what gets me and others on the internet inspired + trying to put that sparkly / glittery feeling of inspiration into words… i’ve hopefully captured the essence of this elusive feeling: inspiration. (my, did that intro sound overly fancy.)

i’m honestly quite sure that everything inspiration – from how you feel when inspired to what inspires you – varies much from each person, so take everything here with a lil pinch of salt. and tell me about your inspirations in the comments later!

I T  F E E L S  L I K E … 

for me, that is… inspiration feels like a sort of midnight motivation to get typing on my laptop or scribbling down post ideas. it feels like i’m brimming with sparkly energy (lol.) and ideas that i don’t even know of yet, and i’m sort of fizzy.

and yes, it almost always happens after 11:30pm… leaving me curled up in bed trying to get ready to sleep but feeling like i should get out and work on some project.

i think inspiration’s closely linked with that motivation to work on whatever creative project it is, and for me it extends to being able to directed towards a certain thing i need to do, be it an essay for school or a more light-hearted lettering spree.

G E T T I N G  I N S P I R E D  : 

i believe that getting to that stage of inspiration, once again, varies from person to person. still, based on other blog posts and a couple of Youtube videos i’ve watched before… here’s a list of ways to get inspired.

• getting clean (i personally love that after-bath/shower feeling!)

• plugging some good music (choose something you really like… for me, that’s synth pop!)

• talking to friends (people who make you happy and relaxed – a good state of mind for inspiration!)

• candles / room spray / other scents

• reading your favourite blog, book or magazine

• pinterest (watch out for distracting links, though!)

• watching youtube videos (you were warned… IT CAN BE DISTRACTING!)

• gather vision boards / colour palettes that match the vibes you’re going for

• getting cosy in bed, under a blanket or throw (i am a big fan of fleece.)

snuggled up under fleece.jpg

YEP, that’s me under my ikea fleece. mmm.

• fresh air / pretty scenery (scenic photos will do too, in a pinch.)

• plenty of time and a clear, ready mind! (don’t rush / force inspiration.)

oh, and feel free to mix and match these things! for example, i love to listen to music while tucked up in bed just after a shower 🙂

P U T T I N G  T H A T  T O  U S E : 

now that you’re all pumped up and feeling inspired, let’s make sure you use that to be the best of your ability.

when i’m feeling inspired, i love to write lists of what i have to do, plan the week, and basically channel that creative motivation into whatever project i’m working on. and never, ever, disregard your ideas early on.

how do you get inspired? i’d love to hear and learn all your ways. tell me below!

xx, roxanne

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