#CanopyAdvent15 // Day 12


haaappy weekend, everyone! i hope that #CanopyAdvent15 has been an absolute blast for you and made counting down to Christmas just a bit more memorable, magical and meaningful. (see what i did there?)

it sure has been a great twelve days for for me! i’ve learnt loads from this hustlin’ period of daily wallpapers – i’ll do a summary post very, very soon!

as for youuu, i hope you enjoyed it too, got to download some new pretty gems for your devices and meet some cool artist friends of mine. now let’s go get the last wallpaper of this year’s advent!

thought i’d throw it back to my wallpaper roots with a scanned typography drawing. these words are from #LetterItDecember, a super fun daily lettering quote challenge (i’ll link it right HERE), and the background photo is absolutely christmassy and from Unsplash.

i can’t think of a better way to end off #CanopyAdvent15 with a wallpaper that i enjoyed making SO much and is the sort that i always love to make. i sure hope everyone enjoys it just as much as do ❤

{click right here and that wallpaper’s yours.}

just saying, i was so excited about typing out the rest of this post i ALMOST forgot to add the link. whoops. got it fixed now, though!

can’t say enough ‘thank you’s to everyone who was part of #CanopyAdvent15, all of you who read the posts (AND, emails.), friends like F and Crescune and Miss Caly who took the time to drop by with their wallpapers and support, and… yeah. just so much thanks to all of you, i’m definitely not forgetting these crazy 12 days anytime soon.

gonna end this before it gets too sweet and stuff. don’t forget you can catch up with this whole project over here and check out every single wallpaper that’s happened so far. THANK YOU once again, i’ll be riiight back with plenty of posts super duper soon!

xx, roxanne

(p.s. wish me luck with back-to-school prep!) 

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