#CanopyAdvent15 // Day 10


hey hey hey! whoa, it’s day ten already?? i’ve got A LOT of wallpapers (yes, more than one) for you to download today… so hurry up and read more!

this wallpapo-nanza is more of a feature for my fab blogging friend, Miss Caly from misscaly.wordpress.com :3 (pop by her blog and say hi for me!) she’s another design/organization/art blogger just like me, and these are a bunch of wallpapers she’s made before that she was ever so kind to share with y’all.

i really wanted the whole of #CanopyAdvent15 to be about blogger collaborations just like this… even though that didn’t really happen, i’m still super glad i got to put out these wallpapers with her. (psst, still looking for bloggers to collab with… you know what to do.)

.zip files can’t be uploaded straight to WordPress, so i’ve uploaded it to my google drive. here’s the sharing link! (now that i’ve shared it with you, don’t forget to share it with your friends too. okay??)

*just a note for all you mobile users… i’m pretty sure .zip files don’t download properly on mobile, so do open this page on your computer and open it there. sorry about the inconvenience!

if you just joined, you might be wondering what #CanopyAdvent15 is… so here’s a quick rundown!

#CanopyAdvent15 is my blog’s version of an advent calendar, with little surprises to brighten up your days until Christmas, and this year those surprises are wallpapers.

H O W  I T  W O R K S // 

everyday i’ll be posting the wallpapers as individual posts, along with a short write-up on what inspired them and the artist who created them (if it’s not me).

T H E  O F F I C I A L  P A G E // 

you can access the official #CanopyAdvent15 page via the link in this post or by holding your mouse over the Wallpapers link to open a dropdown menu in my blog’s header. i’ll be curating the links to each daily wallpaper post on that page, as well as links to posts with details about this project.

do note that because of timezones the wallpapers may not come out on the exact day where you are, and they may not go live at the same time every day. i’m working on it!

E A R L Y  A C C E S S ? // 

if you’re a member of my email list, or as i like to call it, the Canopy Community… lucky you! you’ll be getting each wallpaper one day in advance, meaning today’s wallpaper is already sitting in your Google drive and i’ve sent you an email to kick it all off.

it’s not too late to join us HERE!! 

G E T  I N V O L V E D // 

if you’d like to be part of #CanopyAdvent15… you are SO welcome. drop me an email atthemagicalcanopy@gmail.com with:

• your name

• your blog URL (if you have one!)

• and any design work (illustrations, wallpapers etc) you’ve done before

there’s still many more wallpapers to be created and i’ll be needing all the help i can get, so please consider popping by and helping out.

and if you mention anything about this advent wallpaper project on social media, pleaaase tag me and hashtag it #CanopyAdvent15. spread the news so all your friends can come by and share the wallpapers!

enjoy today’s wallpaper, and get your digital devices ready for the crazy amazing wallpapers that are to come!!

xx, roxanne

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