Free Printable School Notepaper // Part Two

*free printable notepaper for school 2

whew! it’s been a hectic week and all with so many wallpaper posts (catch up HERE, if you aren’t already followin’ along)… but i knew i had to make time for some more “regular” posts.

i worked my butt off on these notepapers, but also had a ton of fun! and that’s why i love blogging, i guess. in this post, you’re going to get to download four different notepaper designs perfect for taking subject notes in school or writing to-do lists for any part of your life.

you might notice or remember from yesterday’s post that there’s no wallpaper today… i’m honestly so so so sorry to have to declare this 😦 – but daily wallpapers have definitely been taking their toll on me.

i love making them SO much, but real life exists too: studying, family time and working on other design projects and the rest of my blog. there are so many other parts of life i also want to focus on, so i made the hard choice to step back from the wallpapers today.

i really hope you can understand, and honestly – if you’ve been devoting a lot of time and effort to something too, please remember to take a break for yourself.

to make it all up to you though… i’ve still worked on something else! these printable notepaper designs for school!


four designs, because why not??

i am personally very very obsessed with notepaper and any sort of good writing stationery i can pen my thoughts down on. having this sort of cute paper makes me even look forward to note-taking in class more, and being more productive and all that good stuff.

i do hope you feel that same way about pen-and-paper writing methods… and even if you don’t (no hard feelings, by the way.), still go print them out and maybe you’ll find yourself using them just a bit… or pinning them up on your vision board. whatever you want!

i’ve tried to make them as varied as possible, so there are different paper sizes and of course, some hand-lettered titles. hopefully you’ll be able to find one that works for your preference!



these three dollar “note” (get it?!) printables actually started out as just one idea… but i couldn’t resist making a few variations! the words “push on” are of course, hand-lettered and scanned in, and i just experimented with some lines and dots.


the gold foil texture is from a free download from Creative Market, aka my favourite haunt for free weekly downloads. quick ramble about how good it is: CM puts up 6 new products (anything from fonts to textures like these to portfolio templates) for free download each week. after that week, you can only get them by paying.

ramble over! i kinda also noticed while taking these photos that design with black lines maaaaay be a little more difficult to write on… silly me. :\ still, i’m probably gonna use mine as vision board decor or a bookmark sort of thing in my planner. just being resourceful, y’know? 😉 making the most of my honest mistake, meh.



as for the second (or fourth??) design… of course it involves more gold foil, because who can resist it?! this design was quite Christmas-inspired for me, actually. this particular shade of blue screams Christmas/holidays to me, even though it’s neither green, red or gold…


oh, and then there’s the leaves/semi-wreath illustrations that are super Christmassy to me too. what do you think? do you get a totally different feel from looking at it? tell me about it in the comments, yeah?

just saying… these are part two of the back-to-school motivation thing i’m doing. (because i can totally look forward to school with the prospect of stationery. what about you?) catch part one over here!

i’ll be dropping the .png files (and a .pdf sheet) of all the above notepaper designs into our shared Google drive folder… newsletter subscribers, y’all know the drill! i’ve sent out in email already… the downloads went live yesterday (yay for early access, right??)

if you’re not part of the Canopy Community, what are you doing??

c’mon, join us alreadyyy

don’t worry, i don’t spam; AND you’ll get access to all the #CanopyAdvent15 wallpapers a day in advance. i’ll send out the link very very soon to all your newcomers 🙂 see you on the other side!

xx, roxanne


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