How-To Blend Colours in Brush-lettering

*how to blend colours in brush lettering

not gonna lie, i’m definitely not a very well-planned blogger. take this post for example! this wasn’t on my agenda, buut then i found out that my newly bought brush pen had a separate ink cartridge… and then this happened.

brush-lettering with freaking blended colours! i’ve never done it before, but with a little common sense and inspiration from my Instagram lettering buddies (yay!), i’ve gotten the hang of it – and some tips to share with y’all.

what you’ll need:

0 materials used to brush lettering

• paper (and because blending needs lots of water, i recommend thicker paper; unlike yours truly here who had lots of fraying paper fibres later)

• a brush – i used a brush pen (without the ink cartridge) because of it’s firmer tip (aka, better control!) but you can use a normal brush too

(pssst. have you tried my 10 minute brush-lettering project for beginners too??) 

• paint (because painting essentials always include paint, right?) remember colour theory when choosing your blended colours.

technique one // 

1. write the first section of the word in your chosen colour (until the section where you want the colours to change)

1 techniques for blending colours in hand lettering

2. re-load your brush with the next colour you wish to use (without cleaning the brush), then dip your brush in water again

3 techniques for blending colours in hand lettering

adding water helps to ensure a smoother transition of colours rather than having a weird lump of paint stuck to the paper.

2 techniques for blending colours in hand lettering

3. continue writing till the next section of colour change, then repeat the above step

5 techniques for blending colours in hand lettering

we’ve officially made the leap from blue, to green, to a darker blue!

4. watch the strength of the colours as you go along; adding more water or paint accordingly!

because i always believe that a good video beats photos and words – i mean, how does one take quality photos while they’re using their other hand to write?? they don’t. – i’ve made my first ever video!

but you might be asking – Rox, where the heck is that video?! well, friend, the free version of WordPress i use sadly doesn’t support video formats. (dies a little inside) i’ve uploaded the videos to the shared Google drive that i have with my newsletter subscribers.

soooo, newsletter pals – go take a peek at the new “videos” folder, and for those of you who aren’t on it yet… why not?? right this wayyy. 

technique two // 

1. write the entire word/sentence in one colour

6 tutorial on blending colours with brush

2. dab some water onto the areas you want to recolour (this is why you need thick paper, because my paper started to tear at this stage, lol.)

3. load your brush with the new colour and recolour the areas

that wasn’t too hard, was it?? i actually had lots of fun blending colours and it was definitely easier than expected. what about you? have you blended colours in your brush lettering before? maybe you have a different technique… tell me about it, okay!

that’s all for today’s tutorial… if you learnt something from this post, please share it with your friends! all the social share links are just below. thaank youu ❤

xx, roxanne

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(p.s. obsessed with brush-lettering like me?? i think you’ll like this one!) 


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