10 Free Styled Stock Photos for Bloggers (part 2!!)

• 10 (MORE!) Free Holiday Stock Photos for Bloggers • // bloggers all know how important the perfect picture can be. i've done the hard work for y'all, and now all you need to do is take a pick of one of these (or all!) tropical + beachy photos and pop them onto your blog / social media. completely 'fo free. :D

HAHA yes, they’re BACK! it’s another round of 10 FREE styled stock photos for you bloggers. i went on a short weekend trip out of the country and just came back yesterday, and i’ve got so many little photos to share with you all.

hint: a a tropical beach with palm trees, really nice seawater and a white duvet were involved… you can see where this is going, can’t you? 😉

you might remember the rules from the previous stock photos FEST, but if you don’t, here’s the quick rundown:

any of those gorgeous stock photos can be used on your blog, Instagram, Pinterest, etc… as long as you give me credit! just a lil’ linkback to my blog will do, and if it’s on social media don’t forget to tag me too 🙂 i’d love to see what everyone gets up to with my photos.

oof! enough talk. here they are!

tropical beach free stock photos

aesthetic tumblr sea

tropical paradise palm trees

palm trees free stock

beach hut free stock photos

HD plant photos free

tumblr bed photos

tumblr workspace on the bed

writing on the bed tumblr

bed photos tumblr girl

mhm i sure hope you liked them :> just saying, i might be using these photos myself?? bc i’m kind of in love with them AHAHAH. we can be photo-twins, then! enjoy the photos, and don’t forget to share this post with your blogging pals!

xx, roxanne

edit: this post is now part of a series of styled stock photos!! you can read part 1 & part 3 over here 🙂 

Instagram // Google+  // Twitter // Pinterest 

(psst! want more stock photos?? check out this post; there are 10 more there just for you!)

10 thoughts on “10 Free Styled Stock Photos for Bloggers (part 2!!)

  1. isabellewakefield says:

    these photos are lovely! I love the one with the palm leaves. I would love to use that one as my “photo of the month” for December on my blog.


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