25 Days of Wallpapers // Advent Calendar

• A Wallpaper A Day • // join us in counting down to Christmas with a free phone wallpaper everyday! hosted by The Magical Canopy

can you believe it? Christmas is almost just a month away, and the stores are conveniently reminding me of that by playing Christmas songs all day long. i am not a big fan of prepping for Christmas so early, but hey – the biig project this post is about needs A LOT of early preparation.

are you ready for • The Magical Canopy •’s Christmas countdown? sure you are. hint: it involves free downloadable wallpapers, you know how i feel about them!

this year, i’m going to be sharing a phone wallpaper (and maybe some desktop ones) every day till Christmas, just like an advent calendar. that’s 25 free and (hopefully) super cute wallpapers just for you!

but of course, let’s be real: i can’t magically make 25 epic wallpapers appear out of nowhere. that’s where YOU come in!

sharing free wallpapers are one of the main reasons i blog, and it’s something i hold really close to the meaning of my blog. and i can’t think of a better to get all of you involved that to have as many of you participating in this wallpaper event as possible.

sooo, if you’ve got a thing for digital design/illustration, (of course) free wallpapers and want more exposure for your blog… you are very welcome to send in a wallpaper! 🙂

i hope i caught your interest! if you are interested in having your wallpaper as one of the 25 (hurrah!) here’s what to dooo:

drop me an email at themagicalcanopy@gmail.com with:

• your name

• your blog URL (if you have one!)

• any of your previous design works, such as illustrations, other phone wallpapers you’ve made before etc.

i’ll contact you back as soon as possible and we can get working on this amazing project. how does that sound?! i can’t wait to see what you talented people can bring to the wallpaper event.

just saying, i’ll be releasing the wallpapers to my email list one day earlier… you know what that means!

join us already, i promise you won’t regret it. 

are you freaking out over how amazing this is gonna be?? because i SO am. don’t forget to share this project with all your friends, so they won’t miss out and can come and freak out with us. (just kidding!)

xx, roxanne

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