Keeping with the Canopy // 4

• Keeping up with the Canopy • // a page filled with opportunities for bloggers has finally dropped, along with a guest post, new photos and design work for school. i've got my work cut out for this month, and i'm going to share it with you all! {via The Magical Canopy}

just like that, i’ve written 50 posts on • The Magical Canopy •. WHAT??? now that’s a serious milestone for a lil’ blog started as a hobby. (not to say that it isn’t still a fun and rewarding hobby, but it’s even more now! it’s also a way to connect with you awesome people.)

i’ve got so much to thank you, yes YOU who’s reading this right now. 300 followers on Instagram?? 70 followers on Twitter?? these numbers may not be considered big for other bloggers, but it sure makes me feel crazy happy. a lot has happened between this post and the previous update, so i think it’s about time you and me had a little catch-up chat!

I did WHAT?

YES! a few weeks back, i guest posted on Nora Conrad‘s guest blog, Creatives Nook! i mentioned this opportunity in the last Keeping up with the Canopy post, and i’m super stoked to say it actually happened. (hm, was i going to let it not happen? maybe. just maybe.)

i can definitely attest to having grown so much as a blogger during the writing of that post. i got to connect with Nora so much more (a lil’ shoutout to her now, yeah?), work under pressure (which is definitely something i’ve always struggled with), as well as meet a whole new audience of cool people!

guest posting is… a mixture of adrenaline rushes over a long period of time and a rollercoaster of new experiences. in a heartbeat, i’d totally agree to do it again. which is why you might have noticed a new page on my blog, Blogportunities Abound!

Blogportunities Abound is here!

• Blogportunities Abound • // hoping to guest blog? or work with a brand? you've come to the right place! curated by The Magical Canopy, Blogportunities Abound provides bloggers with all those lil' links they need. you know what i'm talking about ;) @magicalcanopy

i’ve compiled an ever-growing list of opportunities for bloggers just like you, from guest posts to linkups with brands. everything you need to get your networking off the ground! yep, you’re welcome already. 😉

i’d be super honoured if you share Blogportunities Abound with any of your other blogging friends. and even better: if you know a opportunity that’s available for us bloggers, do share it! you can email me or leave a comment on the page, and i’ll add it real soon.


i’ve also been working on some other design projects – for school! i’m taking part in a sort of competition and creating icons that represent some aspects of my school. (fingers crossed!!)

of course, all work is going to be done in Preview! (hah.) it’s also a new style for me, sort of like flat and a bit geometric, if you can imagine! i’m hoping to, y’know, improve my skills and get some experience in working towards timelines and others ideas.

i’ll keep everyone updated on what happens to this project!

Photographic Stuff. (’nuff said; these header names are hard to come up with!)

has anyone noticed how the cover photos on each blog post are taking on the same style as those on my Instagram? i hope you did, and enjoy it! i’ve always wanted them to have a similar look and feel, so i’m pretty glad i finally took the leap and did the editing work. (you have no idea how hard it is to find white backgrounds for everything… but i’m going to try and make it work out!)

i’ve also updated my photo in the sidebar and adjusted the colours in my header image… just a couple of visual tweaks to keep my blog feeling fresh.

i’ve also been doing A LOT of flatlays (using a ton of stationery from my birthday and other hauls… at least if i can’t use it, i’m putting it to another decent use, right?). hopefully i’ll put some of those photos up for download as free stock when i’m done editing them!

stationery flatlay

a lil’ peek at the flatlays i’ve been doing!

i’ve always loved to see my growth blog-wise, and i think i see a little something happening in the photography sector. not to brag, but i think that i’ve improved, at least since the first few photos i posted on this blog. (remember the uneven lighting and weird wood backgrounds? hmmm.)

i think i can say i’ve been giving it my all and taking out a lot of time and effort to practice with lighting, composition and editing, and i feel like i’ve reached a point in my skill level that i’m quite excited about! i do a photo-taking session every few weeks just to stay comfortable with photo-taking and of course so i have more photos for the blog and my Instagram.

Recent Loves

this past months, i’ve been digging crafts and organization. wait, when am i not?? ugh, whatever, lol. here are a couple of my latest obsessions and favourite blog posts!

Design is Yay! 

ahhhh, my gosh. Design is Yay!, also known as DIY for short (how clever is that??) is an insanely cute design/DIY by Wita. i found it through her feature on Kikki-K and i’ve been dying over the free monthly wallpaper downloads and super fun DIY ideas.

and let’s not forget about her unique blog design! i really love the happy bright feeling the entire blog embodies.

10 Minute Lettering Projects 

• 10 - Minute Brush Lettering Projects for Beginners • // getting started with brush lettering is real simple. read on to see how! {via The Magical Canopy}

inspired by some lettering projects i saw on Instagram, i decided to try out a new style of brush lettering. i used black paint and a lot of water… if you want to give it a try, just click on the link for instructions!

• To-Do Lists

it’s not the specific product, but more like the concept that i’ve found really helpful. i used to just use a planner (yay, Kikki-K!), but ever since school holidays have started, i have been using a to-do list on the side too.

i find that a to-do list helps me to keep note of tasks that are long-term, essentially, anything that takes me longer than a week to finish. i use one sheet per month or so, and basically write down any projects (for example, redecorating my vision board) as well as blog posts that i have to keep up with.

trust me, there’s nothing as satisfying as checking off tasks!

although any to-do list from a blank sheet of paper to a very elaborate on with different sections for different type of tasks will serve the same purpose, there are a couple that i just can’t get out of my head since seeing them:

rifle paper co., desktop notepad sugar paper la, grey list | typo, plan ahead kikki.K, mountains pad

Preview for Digital Design

finally! if you’ve been curious about how i make graphics for my blog, then this post is just for you. i explain how i use that basic, default application for some pretty rad digital design work. and even if you don’t want to make graphics like me, just read it to learn some new quirks of Preview!

i think this is the longest update post i’ve written so far, so i think it’s time to call it a day post (??). until next time! ❤

xx, roxanne

p.s. i’m writing a newsletter and attaching downloads (zip files, anyone??) that will be sent out very very soon! don’t miss out, join the Canopy Community here, okay? yay!

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4 thoughts on “Keeping with the Canopy // 4

  1. turtrox says:

    awesome to hear that! i hope you find some blogportunities that suit you. tell me what you think! 😉 it is a lil’ tricky, but i’m sure you’ll pull it off. give it a try!
    xx, Roxanne


  2. basicallyhannah says:

    Congratulations on your guest-post, Roxanne!! I read it and was wowed. So happy for you and can’t wait to see your journey continue with this wonderful community!! :DD

    Hugs, Hannah. []

    Liked by 1 person

  3. angelinaisblog says:

    Oh wow, you’ve been really busy lately! The Blogportunities sounds like a great idea, I’m going to check it out right after!

    I think having a similar style for cover photos and on INstagram is such a clever idea, I’ve yet to actually implement it. It seems like a lot of work, and I don’t like being limited in what I can post. I love how it looks though!

    Angelina Is | Bloglovin’


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