19 Things to Do For Your Blog In Your Free Time

• 19 Things to Do for Your Blog When You're Free • // from social media promotions, new post ideas and graphics, there's always so much to be done for your blog. even if you're not in the mood to write a new post, here are 19 more things you can work on that are darn beneficial too! {via The Magical Canopy}

with sooo many blogging commitments like social media, blog design and planning, it’s always great to grab a few spare minutes here and then and still be able to do something that will benefit your blog. that’s where this list comes in handy!

these are 20 things you can easily do for your blog – and none of them are writing a post. 😉

here we go! these little blog-related activities are (vaguely) ordered in increasing levels of difficulty.

  1. Read other blogs leave comments with your URL (check out these five for a start!)
  2. Reply to comments/emails (remember to put time and effort into these – sincerity and genuine words are always appreciated.)
  3. Check your blog for broken links + update old posts with links to newer content
  4. Add some new links to your blogroll/popular posts section (you can find mine in the footer! readers love to see what you’re reading too.)
  5. Upgrade your skills by reading blog/biz books or blogs (here are some of my faves!)
  6. Share your posts/a status update on social media (or top-up your Buffer!)
  7. Name the photo files uploaded to your blog + add “Alt text” to boost SEO (alt text describes the photo uploaded and will be posted when readers select the photo for pinning. cool, right?)
  8. Scroll through social media and leave (geniune!) comments on others’ posts (feel free to follow anyone whose account you enjoy too! it’s all about networking.)
  9. Update your “about me” page with a new profile pic or facts about yourself
  10. Take photos for your blog/social media accounts (or, if you’re not into photography, grab some free stock photos like these!)
  11. Proof-read any drafts you’ve already written (and if you’re ready, schedule posts!)
  12. Edit blog graphics (psst, you should totally learn how to use Preview for your graphics!)
  13. Plan out your blogging week (or month!) on your editorial calendar (pre-planning will be such a help when it comes to taking photos, creating graphics and organizing the rest of your week)
  14. Brainstorm for blog posts ideas (don’t forget to write them down, like in the Reminders app on your phone!)
  15. Reflect on your blog’s branding (colours, main topics etc.) and tweak if necessary + remind yourself why you started (nothing like looking at your original goals to keep you passionate about your blog!)
  16. Send emails to brands/bloggers to network or inquiry about opportunities
  17. Work out post outlines for upcoming posts (try thinking about what points you’ll cover in your post)
  18. Do real-life projects (like blog challenges or craft projects depending on your blog’s niche) 
  19. (if you have a email list…) Work on a content upgrade or new newsletter for your subscribers! (psst, my subscribers get loads of freebies each week… yes, you can join here!)

whew! that was quite a bit to type out. which of these will you be doing for your blog in your next pocket of free time? psst, just a suggestion: bookmark this page or print out this list of pointers for easy reference every time you wish to do a little something for your blog.

and if you’re feeling a lil’ social and helpful today, why not share this post with your other blogger friends? i will be SO grateful and i’m sure they’ll love it too. talk to you soon!

xx, roxanne

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p.s. are you a fellow blogger? i got a little something for you… 10 free stock photos! and you don’t even need to opt-in to my newsletter. how cool is that? (i’d be over the moon if you subscribed anyway, of course)

17 thoughts on “19 Things to Do For Your Blog In Your Free Time

  1. turtrox says:

    ooh, welcome to the magical world of blogging! feel free to ask if you have any questions 🙂 hope these tips come in handy along your blogging journey.
    xx, roxanne


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