Keeping up with the Canopy // 3

• Keeping up with the Canopy • // an insider look into my upcoming blog plans and webinar picks and a new read i can't put down! {via The Magical Canopy}

wow… it’s september already! can you believe that?? another month that flew past me without me even noticing. whoops… 

anyway, i figured it was time to share another quick life and blog update with everyone. ready? let’s Keep up with the Canopy!


according to my blog stats, i posted the most number of posts per month in August, which i guess is pretty big for me. improvements are always welcome, so i was super happy about how i’ve been doing! i’ve settled with a 3-times-a-week schedule, mostly on Tuesdays, Friday and during the weekend. anyone noticed?!

i’ve also been sharing tons of posts with free downloads (like this wallpaper and checklist!), which makes me really happy because freebies are one of the biggest main focuses of my blog.

in the past month, i’ve also thought a lot more about what my blog is and what i write about. i’ve come to a bit of a conclusion: • The Magical Canopy • is a design and organization blog with a passion for sharing freebies (just like i said earlier!). you might also have noticed the category name changes going around on the blog – how do you find ’em?

finally, here are some recent posts i’m very proud of!

What’s Coming

i’ve been working really hard to make my email list better and more fun to be on! with all those free downloads, plus i’m writing a few emails right now to share exclusive stuff with you amazing subscribers! and don’t worry, it ain’t spam.

i’ve also applied for some awesome guest posts opportunities on Wonder Forest and Nora Conrad – i really look up to these blogs and i’m SO grateful to Nora for having just accepted my application. (i just received an email from her! it feels surreal.)

i’m super excited about these opportunities to post on other blogs and i hope you guys check out their blogs too; and give them some support! (and look out for my post on Nora’s blog real soon)

I’ve Been Loving…

one of my biggest obsessions as of recent (and probably for the next many months) is webinars! they’re such a fun way to learn new blogging skills and receive tips from really big bloggers that i look up to so much.

because of timezone issues, i couldn’t watch most of them live, but hey, replays are just as good! i really feel a more personal connection to those bloggers because of these webinars. 🙂 i can’t wait to watch more webinars. i’m so obsessed!

although these webinar replays have closed, i just wanted to give a quick shoutout to the hostesses, so you guys can take a look at their blogs and look out for the next webinar!

(p.s. these blog babes also have really amazing blogs about blogging and business, so even if you’re not into webinars, take a look!)

i also picked up a new calligraphy brush that i have fallen absolutely in love with! it’s a ZIG Mangaka flexible tip pen, and for a beginner like me, it’s much easier to control as the tip is firmer. i’ve been using it in a lot of recent lettering works like this!

last but definitely not least – Kinfolk!!! i’m struggling not to scream loudly as i type this. i am in love with this magazine! i never even knew it was available in my region till i saw it at the bookstore just a few days ago.

gosh, it’s pretty pricey but definitely worth the price! the articles inside are so dreamy and i love the eloquent style of writing. coupled with the gorgeous, artistic graphics, it’s really stunning.

and i guess that’s all we have today for Keeping up with the Canopy. i’d love to hear what you’ve been up to recently and what are your plans for this month, so leave a comment below! happy (belated) september!

xx, roxanne

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2 thoughts on “Keeping up with the Canopy // 3

  1. turtrox says:

    Hannah – such a nice comment as usual! 🙂 Oh my, I hate studying too haha. But good luck with it! I’m sure you’ll do well, just put in your all. Jiayou! 😉
    xx, Roxanne


  2. basicallyhannah says:

    I love these posts! I like learning more about what’s going on in people’s lives. And the freebies are pretty awesome! They definitely attract people haha. This post helped me lift my mood cause it’s raining now and I’m studying for my Chinese oral exam next monday, so thank you Roxanne! :DD


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