5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying Something

• To buy or Not to Buy • // if you've struggled before with trying to decide whether to buy something, this post is freaking for you!! I share the top 5 questions to ask yourself before making a purchase + a free checklist for you to download and refer to on the go!

Yes, that’s me with my massive Typo bag. Uh-huh.

to buy or not to buy… that’s the question the crosses almost every person who’s gone shopping before (aka, most of us!) i think we can all relate to holding a product in your hand and fighting the battle between “buy” and “don’t buy”.

here are 5 pretty important questions to ask yourself every time such a dilemma comes up, and they can really guide you to make a more aware buying choice. (rather than just screaming “I NEED THIS” and hauling it off to the cashier.)

i’ve also put together a free printable checklist for you to print out and bring along with you when you shop, so you can remember what to ask yourself when deciding about a purchase. and it’s right this way!

1. Do I already have a similar item?

if you already own a similar item, it’s unlikely that you’ll still need another, right?

2. How many times will I use it after purchase? (or at all)

sometimes, we really just want stuff on impulse! take a few seconds to brainstorm on how useful this product’s gonna be to you.

3. Is this product worth the price? (in terms of quality)

is the product you’re interested in clearly overpriced yet of low quality (bad material, has a few defects, etc)? only buy it if it really lives up to your standards.

4. Can I find it for cheaper prices elsewhere?

why buy something if it’s really common AND cheaper somewhere else? remember to check the other seller out before you make your decision, because you don’t want to regret being fleeced or overpaying.

5. I’m buying it because…

  • a) I NEED it 
  • b) I want it
  • c) It’s in vogue right now
  • d) It’s for someone else

i think we all know the difference between wants and needs, and while there’s nothing wrong with a treat now and then, if you’re struggling to make up your mind about something, it’s probably better not to be a “want”. or even worse, something that’s just a passing fad. if it’s a gift for someone, think about whether they’ll approve of your choice!

*There are no right or wrong answers to this questions; they are merely prompts to help you make your decision!

be honest when answering these questions and you’ll be on your way to (mostly) dilemma-free shopping trips!

xx, roxanne

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6 thoughts on “5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying Something

  1. roxanne says:

    oh dear i see :0 sorry about that i’ve actually disabled my newsletter thing & i should probably take the link down! thanks for telling me tho, omg. hope you still enjoy the rest of the blog!
    xx, roxanne


  2. bookgirl320 says:

    I’ve been trying to download the printable, but it keeps taking me to the sign up screen, which I already did. How do I get a copy of this?


  3. roxanne says:

    hey jessica, sorry to hear that! my mailing list has been a bit of a mess but fret not because i’ve just sent out an email. you should have received an email with the link to a google drive of this download (and all the other freebies from my blog). sorry for the delay! & i hope you still enjoy the list and thank you so much for signing up 🙂
    xx, roxanne


  4. Jessica says:

    I’ve tried downloading the list and each time it just redirects me to sign up for the mailing list which is already have! I’m getting frustrated 😤


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