5 Things to Do When Things Don’t Go as Planned

• 5 Things to Do when Things Don't Go as Planned • // life tips from The Magical Canopybelieve it or not, i had been saving up this little pocket of time in my cluttered schedule to finish up the resources for a certain post… and y’know, as the idealistic side of me thought, post it today, yay, sunshine and rainbows… nope.

sometimes, life trips us up (ahem, computer, i am looking at you) and things just don’t go as planned. like what just happened.

1. Accept the Problem

‘ooh, so i’m allowed to feel horribly pissed at life for this shiz?’ well, kind of and kind of not. think of it this way – it’s not possible to pretend nothing went wrong and get on with life, is it? so don’t. accept that bad stuff is going to happen to you (and everyone else!); that’s life, but don’t ever beat yourself up over it.

2. Reschedule It

came home late today and couldn’t finish the project? overslept and failed to get started on homework? yes, i feel you. while it’s easy to feel like a failure or what to give up on these plans, the easiest way to get them done eventually is to squeeze them back into your schedule! if it’s too difficult to squeeze back, try swapping it with something of less importance.

3. Change your Plans

plan A just flopped? that’s still 25 more letters. okay – i know that’s cheesy, but it’s so true. there’s always going to be other ways around the problem. for me, that’s why i’m writing this post right now! i’m not prepared to let a crashing computer get in the way of my blogging interest, and neither should you.

4. Write about Your Experiences

take some time off your crazy schedule and try to understand what went wrong. not enough time management? too much distraction? writing about your experiences not only gives you the chance to reflect and prevent yourself from missing plans again, but your experiences can also help others struggling with the same problem.

5. Let Yourself Rest

sometimes, i think we just all get to that point where between hustling for school, housework and maintaining our social media there’s barely even enough time for us to take a breather, let alone work on getting past a problem. be gentle on yourself, let yourself rest, and i promise you’ll come back very much stronger, you little fighter.

xx, roxanne

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