Tips on Shooting Common Subjects + Thoughts

* how to shoot common subjects

pineapples. palm trees. beaches. lather, rinse, repeat?! 

while i love me some good tropical/tumblr photos, sometimes it gets to the point where i can’t really understand the insane hype for these photo subjects anymore. like, how many more times can one really see a pineapple being held in your hand without getting bored?

Quick Disclaimer:

I‘m aware that this post can get a little touchy, so please accept that these are just my personal opinions. This post is meant for those who love these items but wish they could shoot them a little more creatively! So if that’s you, YO! Keep reading. 🙂 

i admit that i can get swept up in popular online trends easily. at one point, i was just buying pineapples (which i don’t actually like eating) for purposes of taking photos (i feel a little ashamed as i type this, but i’m putting it out there); every single palm tree that i saw made me pause and whip out my phone; i forced my parents to bring me to the beach just so i could get those “cool” seaside photos.

you get the idea. it was one trend after another, jumping on the bandwagon in an attempt to get more likes because popular photos should get more attention, no? maybe that still remains the truth, but i guess along the way i caught myself wondering why the heck i was actually forcing myself to take photos of these things specifically. like, seriously?

it’s this self-awareness that’s making me write this post, i guess. to remind you all that not to mindlessly follow along every time, to break free from these trending photo subjects and really try to get creative with what you can take photos of.

but that isn’t to say you can’t still take photos of common subjects! the following are some tips that might help you continue to stand out, even with a popular and typical item in your photo.

Angles, Angles, Angles!

• Shooting Commons Subjects • // How to keep your photos looking unique {via The Magical Canopy}

angles are SO important. it’s probably one of the things that set these similar photos of popular subjects apart. for example, when shooting a pineapple (or any other tropical fruit for that matter…), get a bird’s-eye-view or give your views tons of details with a close-up shot, as opposed to the typical side view (sitting in your hand or the sand).

Unusual Additions

got a common object you just HAVE to photograph? that’s okay. just throw in a few unique things like a hand-lettered piece you did by yourself, flora, bits of ribbons… you get what i mean. go crazy with it! and don’t forget to follow my flatlay pointers while styling your shot.


even if you’ve already taken your photo but are not satisfied with the uniqueness of it, you don’t have to take another one. with a little editing, you can always infuse the otherwise commonplace photo with aspects of your branding (making it more recognizable on Pinterest and Instagram) and change up the angle a bit.

Instagram’s photo editor, for one, allows you to tweak the orientation of your photo. on the other hand, you can edit the photo to fit a certain theme that your blog/biz has throughout your site. for example, my blog’s creative and dreamy theme is all over my Instagram, with pale and minimalistic shots.

• Shooting Commons Subjects • // How to keep your photos looking unique {via The Magical Canopy}

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see? it’s not that hard to shoot common subjects AND still stay creative and unique. i hope this post gives you a little insight into the effect of mass trends and helps you with creating photos that stand out and benefit your brand.

tell me below what are your thoughts on repetitive photos of common things popping up all over the internet… and don’t forget to share this post!

xx, roxanne

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