5 Must-Read Blogs About Blogging and Business

• 5 Must Read Blogs about Blog/Biz • // The Magical Canopy

with so much information on how to blog better, publicize properly and optimize your online presence in general, it can be pretty overwhelming to wade through the thick pages of advice and choose which to spend your time reading.

so i’ve done the hard work for you! here are a collection of my 5 favourite “blog babes” who share amazing blogging/biz advice that is SO worth your time.

disclaimer: i mean that i’m aware there are a ton of blogs about blogging out there. in no way do i hate on those blogs! to be exact i love to spend time reading every single article about blogging, this is just a quick curation. 

1. I Can Build a Blog

written by Dana of Wonder Forest, this was one of the first blog-advice blogs i ever read. i love her wholesome info about everything from HTML coding to coming up with a good blog name. and while i always love a wordy article, most of her posts cut quick to the chase so you don’t have to spend 30 minutes reading.

2. A Girl, Obsessed {Blogging category}

although Mandy from AGO writes about a whole bunch of stuff ranging from beauty to fashion, her amazing blogging tips have put her on this list too! i love to read every one of her articles, which range from SEO tips to blogging mistakes (to avoid, of course!). even better – she recently posted a 30 day blogging challenge!

3. The Nectar Collective

another amazing blog with a wide range of topics. AHH!! I love every single one of Melyssa’s posts, i swear i just can’t get enough of them. and i’ve been loving her tips even more since her recent webinar!! she helps blog/biz owners get out there with informative advice about SEO, blog design, and social media. (pssst, have you entered her giveaway for the Pinfinite success course worth $277?!!)

4. Nora Conrad

i simply adore Nora’s down-to-earth personality on her Slack chat (that you can be part of too if you join her newsletter!!), but even better that her already awesome posts is the toolbox of blogging resources like free worksheets!! all you have to do is sign up for her newsletter and you’ll get the password to access that epic treasure trove. (//swoons)

5. The Daily Post

this one’s mainly for all you WordPress users out there. The Daily Posts hosts a ton of blogging related challenges, courses and even has a blog prompt generator! the massive collection of articles on blogging just draw me in every time, i could spend hours reading. and even better, there’s a super supportive community of fellow bloggers to read your work, give you constructive advice and push you along the whole way!

i think i’m just about dying from this compilation of awesomeness all in one place. what about you? how many of these blogs do you already follow? and what are you other fav picks? i’d love to hear from you. oh, and don’t forget to share this post!

xx, roxanne

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