My Essentials : Painting

• My Essentials : Painting • // The Magical Canopy

after my recent tutorial on painting an ombre-styled ocean with watercolour, i thought i’d share a post on my essentials for painting. so here are some of my favorite brushes, paints and paper for painting!


here’s where i have to sheepishly shake my head and admit that despite being a big fan of watercolour painting, i don’t have specialized watercolour paper. YET. workin’ on it!

the current paper i use is standard drawing block. it’s versatile – i can paint, draw and even take photos on it. (yep.)


• My Essentials : Painting • // The Magical Canopy

i use a very large bunch of paints, depending on what medium i’m doing. for one, i love to dilute poster paints for a quick watercolour fix (yes, not very professional…), but other than that i use poster paints for their real purpose, and acrylics so far in school!

• My Essentials : Painting • // The Magical Canopy


• My Essentials : Painting • // The Magical Canopy

so. many. types. overtime, i’ve accumulated many, many, MANY brushes. too many to photograph/describe individually.

• My Essentials : Painting • // The Magical Canopy

but my overall favourites would have to be the green ones on the extreme left of the above photo. their bristles are so soft and smooth, and yet really flexible too. (i don’t know what brand they are though, so if anyone recognises, please leave a comment!)


• My Essentials : Painting • // The Magical Canopy

as you can see from the photo, i have two type of palettes i typically use. the large one with individual spaces for paint is mainly used when i have big painting projects; but when doing small paint jobs (like when i’m painting something which is all pretty much the same colour) i find using a small dish or two easily to clean up after.


finally, a quick cheat/tip from me – tissues are so darned important in painting! for drying up untimely spills, overly wet watercolour or just wiping off my brushes, i always have tissue paper on hand when i’m painting.

all in all, painting doesn’t need to be a big issue of branded materials or specific tools – you can still make artistic magic without specialized tools (although expensive brands may be of better quality).

you know what? the most essential thing for painting is probably an open, willing mind and creativity  which i think you have!

xx, roxanne

This post is part of the “My Essentials” blogging series. Read the past post here!

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3 thoughts on “My Essentials : Painting

  1. turtrox says:

    Thank you! Ah. Right. That probably makes more sense XD For me, I find tissues more convenient plus you don’t have to wash ’em after use, but yeah, you’re prolly right – cloth isss better.
    xx, Roxanne


  2. Elysion says:

    woah, that palette looks really pretty!! but that’s not the point of the post, whoops

    these are all really legit! but about tissues… ok, i use tissues really often too, but it would probably be more economically friendly to use a cloth/old clothes instead. since those are somewhat reusable! somewhat. more so than tissues anyway 😀


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