7 Things Only Stationery Addicts will Understand

• 7 Things Only Stationery Addicts will Understand • // The Magical Canopy

#stationeryaddict. that’s one hashtag that describes me perfectly (probably why i put it on all my Instagram photos). and if you’re another self-confessed addict, this one’s for you!

i like to think that us addicts of paper goods are unique – in a good way. namely, we see the world in a sliiightly different way. here some things only fellow addicts might get.

1. That feeling when your favourite brand releases its new collection. (Kikki-K, YO!)

2. NEEDING everything in every stationery store. No exceptions.

3. The gloriously delightful smell of paper. (Sorry, do I sound like I need help?)

4. When you insist on buying more than one planner every year…. because one is simply NOT enough.

5. That shameless pride when you get more stationery for your ever-growing hoard. (which sits in the corner of your room.)

6. That moment when your birthday/Christmas wishlist is dominated by demands for another notebook, two pens and five rolls of washi tape. 

7. Reading relatable posts like these, and feeling a little less alone in the non-obsessed world. 

how many of these do you totally get? i’d love to get in touch with all you other stationery addicts, so do leave a comment below, as well as any other moments you think define us stationery lovers.

and if you’re not a stationery addict (WHO ISN’T?!), you now know what goes on in our stationery-crazed minds!

xx, roxanne

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12 thoughts on “7 Things Only Stationery Addicts will Understand

  1. kittenfufu says:

    I have over 50 Notebooks, half not even filled with anything. I have way too many pens that i had to give some away. i have 5 different letter writing paper, artbooks. I can’t walk into Officeworks, typo, Smiggles etc without going over everything thing. Even my cheap store has cute stationary now so its even more affordable to feed my addiction

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  2. Elysion says:

    i’m fairly sure i’m not a stationery addict, but the smell of paper is nice to me anyway
    is this a sign? 😮

    ahaha though the first sign sounds similar to a lot of things! (not in a bad way) like bands releasing a new album, which, like stationery, you can purchase. except that you can listen to books whoops


  3. platonicelsie says:

    Oh my goodness, I thought I was the only one!!! Haha i smell my notebook paper (all the time) , and people stare… I especially love my moleskine note it smells esp amazing XD and it is amazing to doodle on because the paper also feels stunninnnggggggg. I feel you ❤


  4. basicallyhannah says:

    Yes, they are super pricey!! Unfortunately I don’t have one, I have a friend who has one though and it looks so fancy-shmancy and elegant. A Moleskin is definitely going on my Christmas wishlist!


  5. turtrox says:

    Ooh! Another Moleskine lover 🙂 Haha, I understand that. I should make a post about OCD/stationery hoarding tendencies… I have a blue pencil case filled with green/blue pens ONLY. Certified obsessed 😛
    xx, Roxanne

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  6. Girl, Independent says:

    I totally get this! I love Moleskine notebooks despite the fact at I can really do everything I need in an iPad app! People at work laugh at me because I have a pencil case and a box of coloured pens on my desk for taking notes in meetings (I’m a banker, so every one else has expensive fountain pens!)


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