How to Style Art Prints in Flatlays + CHEATSHEET

• How to Style Flatlays • // The Magical Canopywith all the hype for these styled photos and flatlays on Instagram and Pinterest, it’s only expected that everyone’s trying to get the best styling for their photo to “pop” and stand out.

if you follow me on Instagram you might have noticed that i style prints in flatlays very often. they look good and help to spread the news about an amazing artist i support! and since my blog’s all about free help, here are my favourite styling pointers.

i’ve compiled a few tips into a quick cheat sheet for you to download or even print out as a reminder at the bottom of this post. don’t forget to pin it if you find it useful!

what you’ll need:

• art prints of any sort {you can find my favourite picks here}

• stationery {notebooks, pens/pencils etc.}

• electronics {a laptop or iPhone just make your photo look more professional}

• flowers {artificial or real, they add the perfect touch}

• a camera {optionally, a tripod will help you get a stable, higher angle}

(do note that the above materials are just what i prefer to style my prints with, and you can definitely use anything else that you like)

how to style:

1. set up a bright area with natural light for your shoot. it’s easiest to use an area near a window (you can pull back the curtains for more light too).

tip: the best times to shoot are in the morning/evening when the light’s not too harsh or warm. 

2. lay out a clean background. this step might be optional for some with a nice wooden floor or desk, but for me, i like to use a sheet of paper for a clean white background that looks professional in every photo. (the secret’s out!)

tip: use a large sheet of A2-3 cardstock for a versatile, wide background that fits many sizes of prints. 

3. chose a print or two that you want to focus your shot on; think of it as the “showcase piece”. pick out a few matchingly-coloured items to go with it too.

tip: use a colour wheel if you’re having difficulty deciding on which colour is the most complementary. 

4. arrange your items on the background, playing around with different compositions.

tip: try putting the print in the middle, surrounding by a few of the objects at a slanted “casual” angle; or arranging them very straight and neat in a traditional flatlay manner. (examples in the cheat sheet!)

5. with your items arranged in the way you want ’em, grab your camera and shoot!

tip: hold your camera almost level to the ground so the photo will be straight on and display your flatlay from a bird’s-eye-view angle. 

if you’re still looking for that last touch to your photo, you might be in need of a few touch-ups. which is cool!

i’ll be sharing my tips for editing your photos in a subsequent part, so look out for it! i hope you’ve found this post and cheat sheet helpful. feel free to share it on social media, and happy styling!

xx, roxanne

{download the cheatsheet here!}

p.s. if you liked this post, you might like to read more about my blogging process here!

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One thought on “How to Style Art Prints in Flatlays + CHEATSHEET

  1. Maria says:

    OK, I’m officially in love with your blog! You are so acrtive and the graphic is insane. Also, I signed-up in the newsletter, so: this is my blog, if you want to contact me for the wallpaper..
    Anyways, I would love if you could give me some advices for the blog… you know, I’m new there! ❤


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