10 Things to Do for a Productive Weekend

• 10 Things to Do for a Productive Weekend • // The Magical Canopy

it’s Monday. you wake up, bleary-eyed, dreading starting a new week – and then realize you’ve just wasted the whole weekend slacking off work, sleeping-in or just being unproductive in general.

i know. nothing sucks more than that feeling. but i have good news: it’s possible to curb your inner laziness and get productive each and every weekend. here’s how:

1. Finish this week’s tasks

you know that horrible feeling when you’re going into a new week with last week’s accumulated work waiting for you to do? yep. instead, spend your weekend clearing up homework, blogging photos and running all those little errands that are waiting around on your to-do list.

that way, you can start the new week off afresh, ready to tackle a new set of tasks.

2. Catch-up on Sleep

yes, i know i said sleeping-in was not a productive weekend activity. but catching up on sleep is completely different! starting off a new work feeling rested means you won’t be sleeping during class, or trying to sneak in naps during lunch – leading to much better focus.

pick at least one day of the weekend to make yourself get to bed by a stipulated healthy yet achievable bedtime. (that’s right, i’m looking at all you 2am sleepers – myself included!) 

3. Fix a Problem

got a broken pen? a faulty computer? or any other irritating life problem?

fix it. no, seriously. there’s no better time to clear up all these little pesky issues than the weekend, when you’ve got time to call a service-person or go out to buy a new item. don’t put off repairing these daily essentials, and you’ll not only be productive during the weekend but also doing your weekday-self a favour!

4. Get Organized

i’ve said this many times on my blog, and i’m going to say it again.

Organization. Pays. Off. 

i’m obsessed with organization, and not without reason. it doesn’t just keep my stuff neat, it also boosts my mood and productivity when i’m working.

for starters, sort out your bookshelf and order the books in chronological order (if you have many volumes) and/or by topic for easy browsing. you can also clear your desk, arrange your closet and even organize your computer folders.

5. Embark on a Project (and Complete it!)

i hear your groans. this is probably the most challenging of the productivity tips in this post, but also the most rewarding. choose a manageable quick project that can be completed in one or two sittings, like these DIY birthday gifts, or these adorable pen covers.

completing something always brightens up your day and gives you a sense of accomplishment, perfect for that rare pumped-up-on-Monday feeling!

6. Do Charity Work

helping others is never a waste of time, and charity work doesn’t have to be just going to a home or centre. you can also organize an outing with your friends to the animal shelter, sell merchandise for funds or if you’re pressed for time, donate your old clothes or items to charity.

you never know who’s day you’ll brighten while being productive!

7. Go for a Crash Course 

i originally wrote “learn a new skill”, but i realized even for the most ambitious of us, it’s pretty hard, let alone for the unmotivated ones reading this. 😉 so yay for crash courses!

this weekend, take a short crash course of a skill you always wanted to learn: be it rollerblading, playing the ukulele or singing. you never know what inner talent you’ll unleash while having fun! you might just come back humming your favourite song or pretending to slide around your whole living room.

8. Digitally Detox

sure, unwinding with our phones or laptops is an amazing way to get through the weekend, but it’s also a pretty unproductive activity most of the time. i know that it’s unreasonable to cut out all digital usage in this modern age, but an hour or two? that should be easy. (or is it!?)

to help yourself stay away from your gadgets for a short while, try going out for a walk without your phone, shutting your laptop away in another room, or my favourite at restaurants – dare your fellow restaurant-goers to restrain themselves from using their phones while waiting. if anyone touches their phones, they pay the whole bill!

9. Catch-up on Social Media

believe it or not, even with the regular checking of our Instagram and Twitter accounts each day, i have to admit it’s easy for me to miss something. and weekends are the perfect time for catching up!

it may seem more like fun than an actual productive task, but believe me – if you’re a blogger, business owner or anyone who needs to network, this will be of big use to you to gain more traffic and capitalize on any news. and even if you’re not one of the above, it’s always great to catch up with your friends and family and maybe even say hello or organize a meetup. just make sure you limit this to 1/2-1 hour!

10. Plan the Next Week

you’ve been going so strong this weekend, staying productive and (hopefully) finished all your tasks. so why not set yourself up for even better success next week? grab a planner or any sheet of note paper and plan out the next week losely.

by having a pre-planned week, you’ll be better able to stay productive and on-task even after the weekend!

i hope these tips help you stay productive each and every weekend. if you found them helpful, don’t forget to share!

xx, roxanne

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Another Trio.”

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