Keeping up with the Canopy // 2

• Keeping up with the Canopy • // The Magical Canopy

oh my. how time flies! it seems like a year ago that i was writing the last update post, so i thought it was about time i shared my takeaways from my blogging break, latest projects, wishlist with you.

cue the show music again, because it’s time for to “Keep up with the Canopy”!

Blogging Breaks

you might remember from my previous post in this series that i took a blogging break during the intense exam period at my school. this break was certainly a big relief for me as i didn’t feel the usual pressure to post on time, and i could generally focus better on real life and schoolwork.

i’ve always heard that breaks from your blog can keep that enthusiasm going, and now can agree from personal experience! when i came back from the break, i felt so much more in tune with my blog and pumped-up to get writing again. i guess it’s like they say, “absence makes the heart fonder!”, or in this case, the blog better!

Pending Projects

(see that little alliteration trend going on?)

other than writing posts, i’m also working on a couple of other endeavours.

mainly- a big surprise planned for you all by me and Jess of Miss Caly Blog. we’re working on it right now, and if we stuck to the schedule, it should be ready by mid-August. so keep an eye out for it!

i’m also working on some more birthday presents, the monthly planner (nope, i didn’t forget!), and plenty of other blog posts. psst, i’ve also been trying out for the brand rep position of some shops on Instagram, so fingers crossed!


(no more alliteration now, hehe.)

my blogging life after the break was pretty good, but not without challenges.

mostly, i’ve still been struggling to post on time – more specifically, either having to handle a lot of homework, or finishing a blog post late in the evening and not being able to take good photos.

the latter is definitely a big issue for me, because i take my photos after i write each draft, and quality photos do need quite bright natural light which in turns only exists early in the day.

the worst of my problems however, is my faulty desktop computer. it’s the only computer i own with Photoshop on it, and has been crashing repeatedly for the past few weeks. not very nice! it’s hindered much of my digital resource creations, so hopefully it fixes itself soon…

What I’ve Been Loving

on and off, i love to treat myself to a cute stationery product, and having a wishlist has really helped me to figure out what i want each and every time.

i’ve compiled a couple of items here that i’ve been loving recently. hopefully it’ll give you a little more insight into what i love and some inspiration for your own wishlist!

Micron from Sakura // {i could sing praises of these till the end of time. they’re so versatile with their different nib sizes, and the ink doesn’t smudge at all.}

• Mountain Notebooks from Kikki.K

• Quote Cards from Kikki.K

• Aquash Water Brush from Pentel

• Any good water-absorbent paper

as you can tell from the last item, i’m still looking for that perfect essential paper brand, so do share your favourites if you have any suggestions.

“that’s all the time we have for today, so thank you for Keeping up with the Canopy!”

xx, roxanne

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