Wallpaper Love : Geometric Print – Triangles

modern triangle iphone wallpaper

you wanna know a little secret? i made these triangle print wallpapers in school! (#rebel) okay, so it was during lunch period… 😉 anyway, this is the last post in this month’s wallpaper series, geometric prints.

it’s a bit of a new style, but i like it quite a bit. you can download this phone wallpaper at the bottom of the post!

here are a couple more mockups of the wallpaper:

geometric print iphone wallpaper

triangle print iphone wallpaper

and if you loved this style of overlay shapes, you can get access to an exclusive wallpaper of a similar style by subscribing to my newsletter. (plus plenty more freebies only for subscribers in the very near future!)

xx, roxanne

{geometric triangles wallpaper download}

This wallpaper was made in Fused app and allis app with photos from Unsplash.

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