My Blogging Routine

• My Blogging Routine • // The Magical Canopy

ideation, drafting posts, preparing resources, shooting photos, proof-reading… these are all part and parcel of my typical blogging day! while i may not be a full-time blogger (i just took a blogging break, actually!), i do take some time editing and preparing each post.

whew! blogging is definitely one of those things that is not easy, but completely worth it. today, i’ll sharing with you some of the things i do before actually hitting that “Publish” button!


this is the first and probably most crucial part of each blog post. the actual idea behind it! as you all probably know, i keep a blogging notebook for when ideas hit (although i often write them down on my phone, laptop… or just anything i can get my hands on!!).

i think the main idea behind each post is really important! not only does my blogging notebook hold ideas and proposed post dates for each post (which i admittedly have a hard time following through with! XD), there’s also lots of space for me to fill in sketches for printables or DIYs. and since i only write in pencil, i can easily erase unwanted notes too!


i like to draft out a loose “skeleton” for each post before i actually get round to making the printables and taking the appropriate photos. this draft undergoes quite a few revisions before the final published version.

i always believe we have to start somewhere with every blog post. even if you’re feeling low or unmotivated that day, type out a few words about your post topic and you might just find the ideas flowing better!

having a draft in my computer makes it much easier for me to quickly grasp the required materials and resources i need to publish, as well as which pictures i need to take such that they’ll fit into each paragraph break.


i think the best part about reading blogs is getting to share the blogger’s knowledge and skill set, and often being able to download free resources like wallpapers and printables.

i’ve always admired the generosity of bloggers to put up work that they actually put lots of effort into on the internet for just about anybody to download. which is why i love to share free downloads with my readers too!

most of my posts have some free downloadables in them, be it printable calendars, wallpapers for your phone or a DIY! so after drafting a post, i get down to creating these resources. most of my design work is done in Photoshop (Elements 10), which is my favourite program – wait the only program i ever use – for art and design!


finally! the most fun, creative and yet challenging part of the blog post process. my house is filled with a mess that doesn’t exist online (but it does in real life!), so practically all (if not all) my photos are taken on the floor! XD

when i need a certain background, i use common materials like a sheet of white paper, clothing and yes, even my towel for that’s ruffled texture. gah, i just cringed at that last sentence… 

i do use stock photo sites too, if i really can’t find the objects/cleaned up background for a certain photo. (for example, a photo of a super neat desk or a fancy camera, both of which i still lack…) i love Unsplash and Haute Chocolate for stock photos!

Unplash has plenty of high-quality photos, although most of them are nature shots. Haute Chocolate, on the other hand, has styled stock photography, meaning stuff like stationery and desk flatlays specially targeted a female entrepreneurs. sadly, they do charge an annual membership fee which i can’t afford right now, but they still have a few free ones available. my current blog header is actually one of their photos! 😉

my photos are mostly taken on an iPhone 4S, other than when i take photos of my phone itself – that’s when i use an actual camera! and despite having Photoshop, my edits are actually done mainly Instagram.

Finishing Touches

the final step! here’s when i upload all the related photos and resources to the post (complete with Alt Text keywords of course! 😉 ). i always use Photoshop to create the “cover photo” of each post, by adding a text overlay.

while i hate proofreading repeatedly (it’s gets boring, okay? don’t judge.), i always check through my draft one last time when all the files are added, and at the same make sure i like how the photos match the text.

at last, it’s the moment of truth!! i hit “Publish”, and the post goes live to YOU to see! at the same time, i share the news with you on my social media. 🙂

{ironically, that whole process just happened during the course of me writing this post.}

i hope you’ve gotten to know a bit more about what goes into each post i publish and had a glimpse into the #blogginglife. and for fellow bloggers out there, i want to know what your post routine is like and what’s different/similar to mine!

xx, roxanne

just wanted to say HELLO to all you new followers. it means so much to have you join me on this blogging journey, so feel free to leave a comment below and introduce yourself! i’d love to hear about how you came across my blog. oh, and don’t forget to find me on social media too!

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11 thoughts on “My Blogging Routine

  1. the(esc)apeartist says:

    I love this post. Many people who post about their blog schedule often leave out little things, or don’t word it right. I not only enjoyed this post, but learned from it. I need to start planning my posts!

    all the best,
    the (esc)ape artist

    Liked by 1 person

  2. JoHanna Massey says:

    This ‘behind the scenes’ peek at your thought processes and action steps makes certainly makes for a different understanding when reading your actual posts. Well done.


  3. turtrox says:

    Hey Carina! Thanks so much for taking the time to write such a pleasant comment. 🙂 Your problems sound really relatable! I’m blessed with a nice window in my house for photo-taking but it still is really hard to find proper backgrounds, not to mention struggling to take photos of myself without a tripod. I’d love to learn about how you crafted your lightbox!! I’ve been looking for one for a while, and DIYs always appeal to me.
    xx, Roxanne

    Liked by 1 person

  4. ReelCarina says:

    Very cool post, I love behind-the-scenes posts 🙂 I had to start laughing when I read about the mess in your house. I’ve also got a few problems taking nice photographs, especially when the weather outside is bad. I live in a very tiny apartment with some spots having way too much light while others having no light at all. Not to mention the mess everywhere… So it’s hard to find a good place to take pictures. However I recently crafted a little light box, which helps quite a lot. Also I think I might need a new camera sooner or later…
    xx Carina


  5. turtrox says:

    Hi there! Thanks so much, I’m glad to have helped. Heh, I’m not really knowledgable, truly. If you did click “Save Draft” before closing your computer, it should be saved as a draft in your Posts section. Just go to the posts bar and you should find it under “Drafts”. Hope this helps, I’m so sorry I can’t attach photos to make it more understandable. Email me if you have more questions! I’d love to help.
    xx, Roxanne


  6. badfish says:

    I like that you’ve given a taste of what it’s like to post. However, for me, rereading and revising the most fun part, that’s when creativity seeps in.
    Hey, I have a question, you seem knowledgable (I’m fairly new). I created a post and saved it. I closed my laptop, thinking the post would still be there somewhere on the blog, but I can’t find it anywhere. Did I lose it, or is it still there somewhere? Do you know.


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