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• Keeping Up with the Canopy • // The Magical Canopy

it’s update time! i’ve had some time during the weekend to think through how much of a break i want to take from blogging (see here if you want more details!), and i thought it’s only right i shared it with you!

*cue show music* it’s time to “Keep up with the Canopy”! 😉

Blogging Breaks

i’ve been considering taking a break from blogging and cutting down on my post frequency for a while to better focus on my studies and real life. i’ve given it alot of thought and i’ve decided to change my weekly wallpaper series to a fortnightly feature. this gives me more time to produce quality work for you and also more time for schoolwork!

in addition, i’m also taking a week completely off blogging, just to clear my mind from online distractions and prepare for my upcoming exams. i do after all believe in blog-breaks like these to get re-focused on your blogging and stay passionate about it!

my blogging break will be from 15-22th July. during that time, i won’t post anything new but i will of course still answer to any of your comments on my posts! 😉 and you can keep up with me on social media (mainly Instagram and Twitter!), although i’ll try to post less often there too. don’t worry though, i’ll be back real soon. 🙂

Completed Projects

as i type this, i’ve just finished making another friend a birthday present! it was so much fun, i wish i could do it all over again. (even though i think i used up half a cartridge of ink going over each letter for the hand lettering on the packaging alone …) i think handmade birthday presents are going to be something of a tradition come each birthday and a little bit of a trademark of mine.

i also just took part in an Instagram experiment by Dana from Wonder Forest! i’ve personally been obsessed with her since forever and it was an honour to help out with her data collection! can’t tell you too much about it, but it was quite fun being able to dedicate to something for a week.

Upcoming Projects

looking forward! Jess from Miss Caly Blog and i have some really amazing for you all planned up! (a collab, of course 😉 ) obviously, i won’t reveal anything more, but keep your eyes peeled for! 😀 and don’t forget to pop by her blog and say hi.

i’ve also been planning a blog header revamp – or rather, filling in that empty space i call a blog header. i personally like it empty (or maaaybe that’s just my lazy side talking…), but it never hurts to try! i have some traditionally drawn elements scanned into my computer, so i’ll be editing, processing and piecing them together when i’m more free.

a new blog header, coming your way very soon! 🙂

Recent Favourites

and now time for a quick round-up of some of my favourite posts that i’ve read recently, both on my blog and from others’!

5 Things I Can’t Do {Wonder Forest}

i’ve always looked up to Dana as one of my biggest blogging inspirations. i think this recent post of hers made her seem a little more relatable and reminded me that no one is without fault! (even though i think she’s pretty cool anyway 😉 )

My Blogging Process {A Girl, Obsessed}

in this post, Mandy shares about her whole blogging process from start to finish! it was lots of fun reading this as i got to learn more about how she produces her quality content (and mind you, she posts daily!!). for fellow bloggers, i think this post also helps us to reflect on our own writing process and think about how to improve it!

How to Paint Watercolour Trees {Inkstruck Studio}

oh my goshh – this blog!! i am obsessed with Zakkiya’s super helpful tutorials on watercolour painting. this one shows you how to paint a few different types of trees using watercolour paints! i’m definitely going to be trying it soon.

How Comparison is Damaging your Creative Potential {The Nectar Collective}

comparison is not only damaging for creatives, but also for other parts of your life! Christy clearly maps out how comparisons affect us negatively in our lives everyday. and i have to say, i’m guilty of comparing in a few of the incidents she shares! 😮 this post really gave me a third-person perspective on the effects of comparing and new motivation to minimise that bad habit.

My Essentials : Hand-Lettering {The Magical Canopy}

and lastly is a quick share of my favourite post as of recent! i shared my favourite and most frequently used tools for hand-lettering and typography, and a bit of a review of the products i used.

thanks for “Keeping up with the Canopy” today! i hope you like these posts. do share your thoughts below, and tell me what you want to see next on the blog! see you soon after my blog break. 🙂

xx, roxanne

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15 thoughts on “Keeping up with the Canopy // 1

  1. the(esc)apeartist says:

    I recently found you blog and I am loving it. I struggle to find blogs that keep me interested. Keep writing, you are doing very well.

    the (esc)ape artist


  2. turtrox says:

    Hey there Riley! 🙂 Thanks so much for your support! I’m If you have a specific question you can drop me an email ( and I’ll try to help you out. Sounds okay?
    xx, Roxanne


  3. rileyyyy14 says:

    Hi! Can I just say that I have only ready like three of your posts and I’m already following! I’m a new blogger and I pretty much have no Idea what i’m doing. Do you mind giving me some tips?
    Thank you so much!
    -Smiley Riley 😉


  4. turtrox says:

    Hey there! Thanks for the sweet words. 🙂 I took a look at your blog, but just a little tip, just leave your URL and don’t ask around for people to check you out. The blog growth will happen naturally! All the best in your blogging. xx, Roxanne


  5. turtrox says:

    You’re welcome, Unicorny 🙂 Honestly I don’t think my blog’s that great, but that’s very sweet of you to say. ❤
    If you have anything you want to ask, feel free drop me an email or comment! I don't mind helping new bloggers out. xx

    Liked by 1 person

  6. turtrox says:

    Hi there! Thanks so much! I love how we have the same theme 😉 P.s. you might want to use just one footer menu for the bottom of your page because there are three versions of those widgets 😛
    xx, Roxanne

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Elysion says:

    It’s sad to hear that such a cool blogger is taking a break! Probably a well deserved one, considering the quality of your posts. Good luck for your exams! =)

    Hmm, if a reader can’t keep up with the canopy, that would be a shame. The canopy would be a ca-nope-y to them…

    Liked by 1 person

  8. turtrox says:

    Thanks! Glad to hear that. Hehe, the wordplay was intentional and I’m happy you caught it! 😉 Readers who get silly wordplays like this are the best.
    xx, Roxanne


  9. Daydreamer says:

    I like these posts. They give us a little more insight into the blogger behind the blog, so to say, and I totally support your decision to take a blogging break 🙂 (can i just mention how much i like your alliteration in “keeping up with the canopy”?)

    Liked by 1 person

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