Wallpaper Love : Geometric Print – Circles

• Wallpaper Love : Geometric - Circles •

time for another wallpaper! a little off schedule, but it’s finally ready! i’m really sorry about all of these post delays…

i feel like i’m wading through oceans of schoolwork and seeing no end… anyone else know that feeling? ahem, anyway, on to the wallpaper downloads!

these phone wallpapers have the geometric pattern of circles on them, each coloured with watercolour digitally. i’m playing around with pinks and blues this week!

• Wallpaper Love : Geometric - Circles •

sadly, unlike my “French for…” series, these wallpapers only come in one version! but i’m definitely going to be mixing and matching them with this other cute geometrical one.

you can download it at the bottom of this post. hope you enjoy it! and if you post pictures of this wallpaper in use, don’t forget to tag me @themagicalcanopy.

• Wallpaper Love : Geometric - Circles •

now in other news… i’ve been struggling a bit managing blogging and schoolwork. i’m definitely still obsessed with blogging (maybe a bit too much? 😦 ) but for me schoolwork always has to come first.

so i’m sadly considering taking a short one week break sometime during this month to fully focus my time and efforts on studying (especially because exams are coming up real fast!). i still haven’t decided whether or not to take a break, but if i do it’ll probably be sometime next week or the week after.

i’ll put up the official details in another quick updates post very soon! (psst, i’m thinking of calling it “Keeping up with the Canopy” like the Kardashians show 😉 thoughts?)

that’s all for today! (i know i’ll be missing all of you if i do take a break… :<) hope i get the chance to see you soon in another post though! 🙂

xx, roxanne

{geometric circles wallpaper download} 

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