My Essentials : Hand-Lettering

• My Essentials : Hand-lettering • // The Magical Canopy

hand-lettering has become one of my favourite pastimes as of recent, and what i really love about it is no two lettering styles are ever identical. today’s post was inspired by Sharisse’s recent Instagram post of her lettering toolbox.

i thought i’d share with you some of my favourite and most frequently used tools for hand-lettering and typography! (actual products stated below)

Fine Markers • My Essentials : Hand-lettering • // The Magical Canopy

fine markers are definitely the lettering pen i’m most comfortable with. the fine lines make it easier to make slight adjustments to the words and i can better control how thick or thin each stroke it!

• My Essentials : Hand-lettering • // The Magical Canopy

i started learning lettering with fine markers (just following guides and pictures online) and they are still my favourite tool to today!

Brush Pens

• My Essentials : Hand-lettering • // The Magical Canopy these brush-tipped pens are, to me, literally the definition of hand-lettering these days! (along with other brushes) i only just picked up my brush pen, but i love how words written with it look so authentic and… “free”.

if you buy a brush pen with a built-in ink cartridge, it’s also way more convenient and less messy as you don’t have to use separate ink dishes! perfect for on-the-go lettering.

however, one drawback is that these pens are harder to control as their tips are often very soft. this takes quite some practice and effort to learn, as well as figuring out how to grip your pen properly, so it can be challenging for some. (me included!!)

• My Essentials : Hand-lettering • // The Magical Canopy

Coloured Markers

• My Essentials : Hand-lettering • // The Magical Canopy

i seldom use coloured markers for hand-lettering, but when i do i find they add that sweet pop of colour to your work!

still, as i have a sensitive nose, i find the smell of some brands of markers (like Sharpies 😦 ) a bit intolerable and therefore can’t use them for too long. but if you’re okay with that strong marker smell, then these are perfect for more fun and cheery pieces of lettering work!

another problem you might have to look out for when using coloured markers is that they can easily bleed through the paper if it’s not thick enough. the paper fibers might also fray. all of this makes it harder to thicken or adjust strokes, which i guess it also a problem for me given that i like to go over my words many times.

• My Essentials : Hand-lettering • // The Magical Canopy

ZIG pens have thick and thin tips

Metallic Markers

• My Essentials : Hand-lettering • // The Magical Canopy

like the coloured markers, these too have a pretty strong smell, which deters me a bit. but i love using metallic markers for that shiny foil finish! so it’s worth the smell a bit, i guess.

the downsides to these markers are quite similar to the coloured ones: they often bleed through the paper and it’s hard to thicken lines with them.

Pencil and Eraser

• My Essentials : Hand-lettering • // The Magical Canopy

these are definitely essentials for me! while i love to challenge myself to a round of free-hand lettering, i always go back to pencilling in guidelines or practicing first for formal projects.

pencils are easy to erase, so hand-lettering done with pencils is really easy to clean up and edit! i especially loved using a pencil when i just started out learning hand-lettering, because it lessened my fear of messing up.


• My Essentials : Hand-lettering • // The Magical Canopy

just your typical ruler! 😉

having a ruler when you’re hand-lettering really helps with the guideline-drawing. sometimes, when i want to make a circular logo of text, i even use random circular objects like a sharpener! (not pictured)


• My Essentials : Hand-lettering • // The Magical Canopy

See that smudge? Whoops.

lastly! proper paper to practice on is always an essential for hand-lettering. i have been many times guilty of just using scraps of printer paperfor my lettering projects. (and having my work turn out pretty good but not being able to keep it…)

i try to use thicker paper (like drawing block) and this (pictured) notebook that has really creamy, smooth pages which are perfect for smooth strokes. i noticed some ink brands smudge on the surface (#LEFTIEPROBLEMS!) but some like the brush pen are able to die really quickly! just an observation.

What I Use

• Staedtler TriPlus Fineliner

Micron (0.3)

• Pentel Art Brush Pen (in black)

ZIG markers

Uniball Paint Marker – Gold + Silver

and that’s all for today’s essentials post. it’ll be part of a “My Essentials” series, so stay tuned for more!

xx, roxanne

All opinions above are mine only; products not sponsored.

8 thoughts on “My Essentials : Hand-Lettering

  1. turtrox says:

    Aww, Eliza! You’re too sweet already ❤ I'm glad to be an inspiration although there are many better than me! I'd love to see your works; any links?
    xx, Roxanne


  2. turtrox says:

    Yay! Hand-lettering is sooo addictive, and it’s become really popular as of recent. The best thing?? No style is wrong! 🙂 Good luck! Tell me how it turns out.
    xx, Roxanne

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Alyssa Rae says:

    thank you for this post! i have a bunch of pens and markers and things that i always pick up on a whim and never really know what to do with. i’m gonna try hand-lettering on my next day off!!


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