Wallpaper Love : Geometric Print – Hexagons

• Wallpaper Love : Geometric - Hexagons • // The Magical Canopy

phew! it’s been an insanely busy week for me, from going back to the busy school life to dealing with a dying computer that holds all my creative projects (like whaat, computer?!! of all times you could have chosen to crash!)

after a few crazy days of hustling (rushing between computer, phone and camera uploading and designing… oh my goodness!) i’ll be sharing an adorable geometric wallpaper inspired by a certain freebie in this post

this wallpaper only comes in one version unlike these, but i think it’ll be perfect to mix and match with the upcoming wallpapers in this series. so keep an eye out for them! you can download this hexagon wallpaper at the bottom of this post.

• Wallpaper Love : Geometric - Hexagons • // The Magical Canopy

p.s. did you notice i didn’t use a mock-up today? i’m thinking of cutting down on mockups and doing more creative stylings of phone wallpapers. (yes laptop, not you because you look terrible in photos!)

don’t forget to check out the rest of my wallpapers if you enjoyed this one. 🙂 see you soon, and happy fourth of July to those of you in the States!

xx, roxanne

{hexagon wallpaper download}

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