Hello July! // Free Monthly Planner and List

• Hello July! • // The Magical Canopy

it’s July! well… almost, for those of you in a different timezone. if you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know that at the start of every month i share some free resources, including a planner, goals list and desktop calendar. today i’m also sharing a quick roundup of this month’s best posts, and a recap of my blog’s progress for this month!

got your calendar flipped to the July page? okay, let’s go! June Roundup

here are a few of my favourite posts of this month!

• Wallpaper Love : French for Whales

• 15 Summer “Bucketlist” Ideas

• DIY Flamingo Pen Covers

• How to Set-up a Workspace Vision Board

 Wallpaper Love : French for Watermelon

in the month of June, i also started a weekly wallpaper series (every Tuesday), and the monthly theme was “French for…”, which featured patterned wallpapers and hand-lettered french words. i’m hoping to continue that series in July despite having lots of schoolwork, so the wallpapers may be less frequent. but don’t worry, the series will definitely continue 😀

oh, if you’re a frequent reader, you might remember yesterday is supposed to be another wallpaper day! as you can see, i’ve replaced it with this post for today, but the free wallpaper will be up tomorrow or the day after! so check back then. 🙂

now time for this month’s organizational freebies!

July Resources

the first of today’s printables are a goals list and planner. i think these are the basics for getting your month organized! you might notice my calligraphy style is changing a little, as i’m playing around with thick and thin lines… i like it this way!

the goals list has a couple of lines over a watercolour background, so you can set your targets for this month, and hopefully, reach them. 😉 this would be great to pin up on your vision board, fridge or somewhere you can see it often and be reminded of your goals. {default size is A5}

the planner is my favourite part of this monthly post! it has ombre-style squares for each day, so you can note down important appointments that day, exams, or anything else. personally, i like to challenge myself to be grateful for something each day, and i draw on a heart on the calendar if i succeeded, buut that’s just me and you don’t have to. {default size is A4} • Hello July! • // The Magical Canopy and lastly, the desktop calendar! i started drawing these as part of a way to experiment with different design styles. this month, i’ve been obsessing over geometric patterns, so i’ve chosen to draw a triangle pattern in the background! and of course, the dates and days of this month are on the calendar too. • Hello July! • // The Magical Canopy (pssst, i’m thinking of doing a geometrically themed wallpaper series this month. what do you think?)

all the links to download the goals list, planner and calendar are below! i hope you enjoy using them, and have a wonderful month ahead!

xx, roxanne

{july goals list download}

{july planner download}

{july calendar download}

This post is part of my monthly calendar series! Check back every month for new freebies. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Hello July! // Free Monthly Planner and List

  1. basicallyhannah says:

    The July Planner was my favorite!! I’m not much of a calendar person, but I love writing things down on cute notepads (*cough* TYPO!!), but like you, I also have a very real fear of ‘destroying’ them ;A; I’ll definitely be printing the planner out! Thank you so much for your amazing freebies <33


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