How to Stay Inspired and Passionate about Blogging

• How to Stay Inspired and Passionate about Blogging • // The Magical Canopy

hi there! actually, today’s advice doesn’t just apply to blogging, but to any task or job you have at hand, be it studying, work or just a hobby that you often take part in. if you’ve often felt like giving up or taking a break while working on something, then this advice is for you!

1. Take a Break • How to Stay Inspired and Passionate about Blogging • // The Magical Canopy

it goes without saying that if you’re over-stressed and tired you aren’t going to be able to perform up to par in whatever you’re doing. if you’ve been churning out blog posts for the past month non-stop, and are now totally drained of post inspiration, it’s definitely time to just break away from the screen and do something unrelated.

you can continue to boost your blog while taking a break, by leaving a few comments on other blogs or taking pictures for future posts; but if you’re completely drained, it’s always okay to take a complete break. go out and get some fresh air and sunshine, and maybe spend some time with friends and family.

2. Remember why you Started

your brain feels drained and is screaming at you to give up? (been there, done that.) this often happens to me when i’m scrambling to get inspired by prompts and nothing’s coming to mind.

sometimes, you wonder why you’re doing this in the first place. bring back those memories and joys of what you blog about – be it craft, fashion or beauty, and just focus on your passion towards those interests. don’t let blogging about them make it seem like a chore.

if it does feel that way sometimes, take a moment to really evaluate why you do what you do. are you making that DIY because you love to do it, or because you just need to write a post by tomorrow?

refocusing on what you truly love about blogging and why you started can really help to motivate you and get you passionate again. and if you’re doing something just for the sake of writing about it, perhaps consider even taking it off the list of categories in your blog. this will help you to narrow down your niche and stop dreading blogging about it.

3. Organize your Blogging Life

• How to Stay Inspired and Passionate about Blogging • // The Magical Canopy

nothing can bog me down more than a messy desk, and even worse, a messy blog. oh wait – the worst are those messy desktop files! 😦

it can be uninspiring to face all this disorganization each day, so get over it now!

the easiest way to start neatening up your blog is to sort all the different posts into categories and tag them appropriately. at the same time, boost your blog’s layout by putting your main category links into the header bar. this will help readers to quickly find what they need on your site!

rename all your blog-related files and folders too. try to keep one folder of photos and other related stuff per blog post; this makes it easy for you to find back anything related to a certain post, which is great when you need to make a post revamp, or fix something wrong with the photos. bonus: naming your image files with proper tags rather than names like “IMG_2859” improves your blog’s SEO too!

finally, a blogging vision board can really help to boost your post inspiration. i recently shared a tutorial on setting up your very own vision board here, and you can easily make a Pinterest board for doing so too! you can customize these vision boards to your taste and pin up images (or even text like magazine cut-outs) related to your blog’s content. when looking for blog post ideas, these can serve as great prompts!

4. Focus on the Good

• How to Stay Inspired and Passionate about Blogging • // The Magical Canopy

it’s easy to feel tempted to give up when you perpetually focus on your bad blogging moments: like when you received a hate comment, when your Instagram photo doesn’t get your goal number of likes, or even on a bad blog traffic day when the number of views is way below average.

instead, keep focusing on those amazing blogging moments that made you smile! it doesn’t have to be something insanely big, but even a nice comment from a reader or surpassing your all-time high view-count can keep your motivated to work on your blog. if you see results, you’ll feel more inclined to keep working towards greater success!

so treat everything that a great outcome, no matter how small it it. personally, i write down what happened a great blogging day in my planner, so i can look back and focus on it!

regardless of what you have to do, make sure you’re always happy and content doing it! i hope these tips help you to stay all ‘revved up’ about what you do. let me know what has helped you in the past (or even currently) to stay inspired and passionate about blogging or any other thing you do in the comments!!

xx, roxanne

This post was written in response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Intense!” 

8 thoughts on “How to Stay Inspired and Passionate about Blogging

  1. turtrox says:

    Thank you so much Sandy ❤ I'm actually not that great at keeping up with my blog, and it is hard to manage real life with online commitments. But that's the fun I guess! Your story sounds so dedicated and I'm glad to have you in the blogging community. See you around! 🙂
    xx, Roxanne


  2. Sandy Denton says:

    Dear Roxanne,

    Loved this post! I am new at blogging and feel as if I am doing it by the seat of my pants! I felt
    prompted by the Lord to do this, but wasn’t at all sure. I told Him if He gave me His words, He could yes my fingers! So here I am – a member of the blogging world! So again, thank you for this great
    advice! It really motivated me,



  3. turtrox says:

    Hey Sharisse, thank you for stopping by! :3 (I’m crazy about your blog but I think you already know that! ;D)
    I don’t actually know that much about coding! XD My blog is following the basics of the theme too, except I add a lot of widgets in the sidebar, that’s the only difference I think. I’m also using the free WordPress so I don’t have the access to CSS customization! I make do though. 🙂
    xx, Roxanne


  4. Sharisse says:

    Wow, these are amazing tips! Thanks for sharing. You are so right that they apply to many things we do in life.

    And I LOVE the look of your blog! Do you know coding and website design very much? I am pretty low-tech! My use of this blog theme is still the basics of the original theme 🙂 🙂


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