Wallpaper Love : French for Citrus

• Wallpaper Love : French for Citrus • // The Magical Canopy

wow! how time flies. it’s been four weeks since i started this free wallpaper series, and it’s been an amazing but busy experience. it’s time for the 4th and last wallpaper in the “French for…” series!

this wallpaper is inspired by all those summer lemonades! cooling, refreshing and tangy… uh, where was i? XD

• Wallpaper Love : French for Citrus • // The Magical Canopy

as usual, there are versions: one with a seamless pattern of lemons, and the other with a hand-lettered overlay of the french word for “citrus” – agrumes. these are perfect for your phone’s Home screen and Lock screen respectively, but feel free to mix and match! the links to download both of the wallpapers are below.

• Wallpaper Love : French for Citrus • // The Magical Canopy

you might also be wondering about the next theme for my wallpaper series… at the moment, i’m not too sure about how frequent i want to continue and whether to keep up a weekly wallpaper schedule.

for one, i’m going back to school next week, and with an increased workload and busier days, i might not be able to squeeze in time for designing. 😦 fret not though! i’m thinking of reducing the wallpaper frequency to about once a month, and of course they’ll still be free. 😉

have you enjoyed all these wallpapers so far? leave a comment below, and tell me what other types of wallpapers you hope to see!

xx, roxanne

{lettered citrus wallpaper download}

{plain citrus wallpaper download}

p.s. you can check out the rest of this wallpaper series here!

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