How to Set-Up a Workspace Vision Board

• How to Set-up a Workspace Vision Board • // The Magical Canopy

i can still remember my first ever vision board: a small old white board pasted with stickers and covered in quotes written in whiteboard marker. it was one of the prides and joys of my sparse room decor back then.

my current vision boards are quite different, with properly printed typography on posters, meaningful photos and a small calendar. with two decorated ones in my study room and bedroom respectively, i’m sheepishly looking for another one! (that’s how addicted i am) i thought i’d share with you how i set-up the vision boards for a workspace!

what you’ll need:

• How to Set-up a Workspace Vision Board • // The Magical Canopy

  • a corkboard of any size (i used an A2 one!)
  • push-pins
  • any other things you find meaningful (like photos, small 3D items that you can pin)
  • any of the essentials below!

the original purpose of having a vision board above my desk was to remind me to stay on task, get productive and inspire me to keep working! since the time i’ve first gotten it, i’ve changed the order and type of attachments on it, but each time i stick a few types of vision-board essentials!

my vision board essentials:

{i’ve linked some of my favourite design sites below for you to check out both free and paid works which will look great on your vision board!}

1. Colourful Prints

• How to Set-up a Workspace Vision Board • // The Magical Canopy

also known as “corkboard prints” to me, these are must for making my board eye-catching and presentable. they add just that perfect pop of colour to your board. i love to print out free printable prints or wallpapers from online and use them on my vision board! for that smooth, professional look, try to use thicker cardstock.

you can print out one of my many free wallpapers from this blog, or search up some equally adorable ones online. “project life cards” are a brilliant option too! just make sure you cut them with a papercutter for straight edges.

and of course, you can use any physical prints you have.

2. Typography

• How to Set-up a Workspace Vision Board • // The Magical Canopy

these are equally easy to obtain online. all my “French For” wallpapers on this blog have an lettered version, but there are many other hand-lettered prints available online or in shops near you.

if you’re up for the challenge, you can also try making some of your own typography! it’s easy to find tutorials on Youtube or Skillshare, and from there just keep practicing your writing. always remember that everyone has a different lettering style, so don’t feel pressured to follow the letter shapes of anyone.

my vision board has a few pieces of my own typography too. i try to do it on a thick piece of paper too, and i find that the white-and-black look adds the right contrast with the other more coloured pieces on my board.

3. Calendar/Planner

• How to Set-up a Workspace Vision Board • // The Magical Canopy

it’s always helpful to get a quick check on each day’s tasks, so hanging up a calendar or planner on your vision board can help you stay on task. at the moment. i’m using these calendar cards from a grab bag by Mint&Ordinary.

any monthly calendar will do though!

a few more ideas:

  • if you’re one for keeping time, hang up a large-faced watch that you no longer wear! this creative use lets you easily check the time with a glance up at your vision board. 

• How to Set-up a Workspace Vision Board • // The Magical Canopy

  • you can also pin a tasks/goals list for you to conveniently check your daily tasks and stay inspired. this also makes the list easy to find!
  • another way to personalize your board is to pin on meaningful pictures. polariods work best! you can also print out some of your favourite Instagram photos and put them up. 
  • for attaching important/precious prints, papers or small objects that you do not want to poke with a push-pin, you can use a string of twine and clothespins to hang them up, or tape them on with washi tape

• How to Set-up a Workspace Vision Board • // The Magical Canopy

  • most push-pins come with differently coloured “heads”, to try to colour-coordinate them with the prints/pictures you pin up!

• How to Set-up a Workspace Vision Board • // The Magical Canopy

  • take a look at a colour wheel while you set up your vision board and try to match the colours. (you can find out more about colour harmonies online.) remember, you can always change the colour combination!

where to find vision board essentials:

i hope this post sets you on your way to creating the vision board of your dreams. and don’t worry if you don’t want to use all of the above essentials; you can easily swap them for something more appropriate to your taste!

see you in the next post! 🙂

xx, roxanne

Disclaimer: I’m not sponsored by those sites to share their content; these are my own opinions.


4 thoughts on “How to Set-Up a Workspace Vision Board

  1. turtrox says:

    Hehe, I’m so happy you remember this post and came back to find it!! I’d love to see your corkboard when you’re done. Btw, do you have an Instagram? :3 Don’t worry about not having a calendar/watch, you can still have an amazing vision board without them, honestly. Thanks for all your support again, Hannah!
    xx, Roxanne


  2. basicallyhannah says:

    I recently got a corkboard — probably only two days ago — and then I remembered this tutorial! So I scrambled for my computer to find this page and the board looks really, really cute! I’ve got to get round to printing the calendar and finding a watch but overall I think it looks brilliant :)) Great job Roxanne!

    Liked by 1 person

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