15 Summer “Bucket List” Ideas

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hi! how’s your June been going so far? don’t forget it’s not too late to download these organizational freebies here to have the best month ever.

holidays are always a time for fun and relaxation, just to get out of the tiring work/school routine. that said, i’m the kind of person who hates to end the holidays having done nothing fun and rewarding! so today i thought i’d share 15 ideas for a “bucket list” this summer – to inspire you to make it a point to use these free days productively!

{* = this is on my list too!}

1. Read a Book*

• summer bucket-list ideas • // The Magical Canopy

this may seem pretty mundane, but i hate to admit it’s been a really long time since i sat down with a good book and actually finished it. in this digital age, it’s hard not to spend time peering at our gadgets! reading can help to curb digital addictions and is slightly kinder on your eyes.

2. Have an Outing with Loved Ones*


another simple one. it’s a bit hard for me to talk about personal relations, but i feel as if i don’t spend enough time with certain family members and friends, so this summer i hope we can all spend some quality time with them. you can try doing a certain activity (maybe DIYs?), but just talking and bonding is enough.

3. Make a Commitment*

long-term commitments always help to build up your responsibility and also your self-confidence as you achieve greater tasks of commitment. this summer, i’m lucky to be able to half-lease a horse! 🙂 it’s definitely something i’m looking forward too, but also a little apprehensive about as it’s a big task. but i guess that’s the point of commitments! you’ve got to set out to maintain them for personal growth.

4. #LetterItJune*

• 30 summer bucket-list ideas • // The Magical Canopy

you’ve probably heard me rave a little about typography here and there, but even i can get a little uninspired on quotes or words to write. enter – #LetterItJune!

low word inspiration be gone! i found this challenge on Instagram (@jennymaiedae) and instantly wanted to join in! in the past two months i’ve experimented with a couple of the quotes, but never fully committed to the challenge. who’s with me this time? 😀

• 30 summer bucket-list ideas • // The Magical Canopy

5. Get out of your Comfort Zone

it’s all too often that we stick to the known and refuse to explore new avenues, held back by fear. this summer, challenge yourself to something that makes you just a little uncomfortable. and push through it! this can be a physical goal (like maybe flexibility), trying a new activity, or just doing something you don’t normally do!

6. Go on a Natural Adventure*

• summer bucket-list ideas • // The Magical Canopy

as a ‘city girl’, i personally don’t get to explore nature that much despite my love for it. everywhere you look, it’s just high-rise buildings! regardless of whether you live in a built-up area, getting outdoors and reconnecting to the natural environment can be an amazing experience. bring your camera along to capture those moments if you must, but remember to focus on the now and absorb all the sights with the greatest lens of all – your own eyes! (oops, i sound too preach-y now)

7. Keep a Journal

• summer bucket-list ideas • // The Magical Canopy

what better way than to remember all these summery memories than an actual book?! you’ve probably heard about my notebook addiction by now (haha), but seriously – another excuse to stock up on pretty books?! more practically, journalling your thoughts or experiences regularly can help you to spend your time in a more productive way and creates an opportunity for you to reflect on actions each day.

and you don’t have to write daily! write whenever thoughts come to mind, or you want to note down a specific event that day. you can even use visual elements like washi tape or doodles in your journal! the possibilities are endless.

8. Splurge on that Wishlist*

• summer bucket-list ideas • // The Magical Canopy

i’m a completely hoarder and thrifter, and sometimes very proud of it! sure, learning to have self-control and not buy everything we see is a good trait to have, but it’s never wrong to go a lil’ overboard on a personal treat. 😉 pick out one very special item on your wishlist – maybe something that you’ve been lusting for since forever or just never got the chance to get – and go get it!

9. Spend a Day with No Gadgets

• summer bucket-list ideas • // The Magical Canopy

what better time to kill that digital addiction that with this possibly extreme abstinence? honestly, i don’t think i could make it… but hey, rationally it’s obviously possible. pick a relaxed day when you know you won’t be needing to check your devices. (so you won’t be tempted to make sneaky checks!)

10. Wake up Before the Sun

• summer bucket-list ideas • // The Magical Canopy

you might already do this to make it to school or work in time, but this summer, make this early morning a relaxed and special occasion. get some early sleep and actually wake up feeling a bit more refreshed! don’t rush this morning, just take time to enjoy that early silence, and maybe even the pretty sunrise!

11. Make a Friend

friends are awesome. who can deny? reach out to someone near you, be it that fellow blogger online you really admire, or that person who you always see in your neighbourhood. take time to strike up a quick chat or just give them a smile.

12. Try New and Strange Flavours

• summer bucket-list ideas • // The Magical Canopy

pluck up the courage to sample that crazy new cuisine you always avoid! after all, you might very well discover something delicious that you will actually continue to eat in the future. and even if you don’t like it, at least you tried! it’s all about the experience.

13. Dance on the Beach*


nothing says summer like beachy days. when you hit the beach this time, go crazy and run around, maybe even do a little dance. it’s no time to be worried about being judged. be yourself!

14. Go to an Arts Performance*

• summer bucket-list ideas • // The Magical Canopy

with the popularisation of music festivals and more, arts performances have become quite linked to summery vibes (like wearing flower crowns and boho clothes!). even if you can’t find a specific music festival near where you are, feel free to check out plays or concerts. for me, i recently went to a play in the park! it was a new experience, watching a performance on a picnic mat in the grass. and even though it rained and i got wet, it was pretty fun!

15. Explore a New Local Spot

• summer bucket-list ideas • // The Magical Canopy

even if you don’t plan to travel overseas, that doesn’t mean you can’t get a little touristy and explore somewhere new! do a bit of research and check out some spots in your country/town/city that you’ve never been too. keep an open mind and you might just fall in love with a new place! you can also learn more about your area.

remember, you don’t have to take a plane or train to find somewhere new and exciting! 🙂

that’s all for my list. here’s to a summer that leaves behind amazing memories. leave a comment below – i’d love to hear which of these ideas you decide to incorporate in your list!

xx, roxanne

p.s.: noticed my picture margins have increased? i’m working on a more streamlined look for my blog posts. don’t forget to check here tomorrow for this week’s free wallpaper post!


11 thoughts on “15 Summer “Bucket List” Ideas

  1. twenty7zero3 says:

    Will do, and if you do more of them, make sure you post them on here so that I can see 🙂
    P.s. I am loving your blog!

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