Hello June! // Free Monthly Planner and List

hey there! can you believe that it’s been more than a month since The Magical Canopy  was started? and June officially starts tomorrow! i’m so excited. 🙂

for me, the school holidays have started too, and that means more frequent blog posts! my goal for this month is to ramp up my posts to once a week, or more! i hope to get into a routine of regular posting.

let’s jump right into today’s printable post, shall we? i shan’t hold you all up from the free stuff, hehe. 😉

today’s printables are all created by me from scratch! they include a goals list for the month of June and a watercolour-style planner, similar to those in this post from last month. the goals list is just a couple of lines for you to set a goals for this month, and the planner has small spaces for each day so you can plan your entire month.

• hello june! • // The Magical Canopy

the last printable today is a special new design of calendar! it’s perfect as a computer wallpaper.

• hello june! • // The Magical Canopy

and as you can probably tell, i’ve been totally obsessed with watercolour as of recent! i’m thinking about playing around with different calendar/planner designs each month, just to explore new styles and push my limits. 🙂

all the links to download each of the free printables – goals list, planner and calendar – are down below! i hope you enjoy them and they help you to stay more organised, achieve your goals and just in general beautify your life.

in May, i found the planner quite helpful for focusing on the good (which was one of my goals), though i’m not sure about whether i became more productive (oops).

this month, my goals are to post more regularly, and create better photos for both my blog posts and instagram account (@themagicalcanopy), as well as keep up with social media like Pinterest and Google+. you might have noticed my instagram pictures getting cleaner and having more bright backgrounds, which is part of my efforts to change the feed theme.

how was your May? did you achieve what you set out to? and what are your goals for June? leave a comment!

xx, roxanne

{june to-do list download}

{june planner download}

{june calendar download}

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