Tips to Get (and Stay) Organized

today, my blogging plans didn’t really materialise themselves again :\ my desktop with Photoshop is down at the moment, so i’ve been unable to make some certain freebies that were mentioned in this post. 😦 but nevermind, for this will hopefully be a helpful post too!

i’m sure we’ve all had times when life just seems so messy and complicated or our workspaces seem filled with so much clutter we just can’t get rid of. even though i’m generally an organization freak with a bit of OCD, i too have been in that situation way too many times! panic strikes when i realise i have millions of important tasks waiting to be done, my study table is covered in random papers and i’ve pretty much wasted the last two hours watching videos on Youtube. 😮

evidently, i’m not an absolute expert at this topic, but i thought i’d share some tips that have actually worked for me in the past! they’ve mostly significantly reduced my struggles with disorganisation (when followed regularly), and hopefully can help you a little too.

1. Lists, Planners and Journals

Get organised! Those struggles of undone urgent work and messy workspaces can be faced with these tips.

have i mentioned before that i have a serious thing for hoarding piles of pretty notebooks?!! i’ve recently gotten more courage to use those pristine and ever-so-intimidating white pages, filling them with lists and sketches. for example, i have a blogging planner to scribble down post ideas (which was briefly mentioned here); and i also bring one everyday to school for writing down homework.

Get organised! Those struggles of undone urgent work and messy workspaces can be faced with these tips.

keeping use-specific journals is great for spontaneous creative expression and you can easily get reminders so as to stay on task. your planner can also include something like a timetable, which could help you to focus on certain tasks each day.

most of the notebooks i use are just plain lined or blank paged books except for the Monologue planner i bring to school. but seriously on my wishlist would have to be the Kikik.K planners – any of them!! they’re simple gorgeous and i love their cute colours and trendy format. unfortunately they’re way out of my budget at the moment, but definitely something i’m saving for. 😉

2. Productivity Apps

while i believe that traditional pen and paper is the best way to remember stuff, mostly i often get distracted going online to read my to-do lists (oops!), if you prefer using an online list, there’s always amazing resources for that too!

i’ve been loving Momentum as of recent. it’s a great personalised dashboard in Google Chrome which features a to-do list, a daily focus, inspirational quote and much more!

Get organised! Those struggles of undone urgent work and messy workspaces can be faced with these tips.

if you want to have constant reminders on your phone or tablet, there are of course also many other applications available in the AppStore. i don’t really use these, but you can always try apps like the default Reminders on iPhone and Evernote. most of these apps allow you to check to-do lists and set reminders for you to finish each task!

Get organised! Those struggles of undone urgent work and messy workspaces can be faced with these tips.

3. Frequently Clean your Workspace

Get organised! Those struggles of undone urgent work and messy workspaces can be faced with these tips.

i know from personal experience this is certainly easier said than done. but hey, we all know it’s the right thing to do!

as stuff accumulates on your desk, working on it becomes harder and harder as you get less clear space. and clearing it gradually becomes a more daunting task!

i recommend cleaning your desk or even the whole room once a month or every two months. try scheduling it in your journal! of course, you’ll might need to start off with a massive cleaning now (i’m honestly dreading my own clean-up a little…), but it’ll eventually pay off! if it’s too much to clean at on go, try doing little segments of the area one at a time. divide and conquer!

4. Create Space

sometimes stuff just can’t be piled out of your way. these times call for – uh… not so desperate measures.

simple boxes or files can make a big different in organizing all the junk in your room. i like to put my school books of each subject together in a storage box and find little folders or containers for my favourite nic-nacs.

Get organised! Those struggles of undone urgent work and messy workspaces can be faced with these tips.

these adorable DIY geometric triangle boxes from A Little Birdy Blog are next on my craft list, and it’s easy to tell why since they make such nice decor on your wall and are also great for storing little important keepsakes that you own.

Get organised! Those struggles of undone urgent work and messy workspaces can be faced with these tips.

another method i use for storing important things that would otherwise clutter up my desk is a corkboard. not only can you pin up cute prints (i call them corkboard prints!), you can also hang up reminders/lists for yourself. say goodbye to lists disappearing in the mess on your table!

still, your table seems extremely hard to organise due to loads of junk, perhaps it’s time to bravely and objectively get rid of a couple of things you no longer need. (yes, i know it’s hard! i always struggle to throw away things that i used to love and spent money on, but are now useless to me.)

always ask yourself whether you truly need those items, or whether they’re just affecting the organisation of your workspace. it’s fine to keep a couple of things with sentimental value, but just not a whole room outdated belongings. 😉

5. Manage your Expectations 

last but not least, remember not to set overly high expectations of your organization. i guess it’s human nature to expect that ideal, perfectly organised home with everything in it’s right place, but we also have to come to terms with the reality that it’s highly unlikely. instead, just keep working towards the most organised you can be, and don’t beat yourself up for the slight bit of messiness here and there!

hopefully these tips help you to get more organised and maintain that neatness in your home. what measures have you taken so far to get organised? leave a comment below!

{also, i recently got a Google page for • the magical canopy • so do go drop by here and maybe even follow!}

xx, roxanne


7 thoughts on “Tips to Get (and Stay) Organized

  1. turtrox says:

    Thank you! Getting organized is great, but don’t worry if it’s not perfect. In all honesty, my desk is the messiest thing ever and I’m totally ashamed that I have such a messy workspace and yet blog about organization. But hey, I’m human, right? 😉 Glad you enjoyed my blog! ❤
    xx, Roxanne


  2. Gradmama2011 says:

    very cool blog…I love the variety, and the tips for keeping work space organized. hahahaha that train left my place years ago. Having said that, I might add that I DO have drawers and shelves themselves fairly organized…but its the tops of space that need work. I really enjoyed looking over your site, and would be happy to follow.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Melanie says:


    really! I was looking for “momentum” for like a month now, and I didn’t know what it was called or where to search it! you made my day!
    I really like your posts too!

    x Melanie

    Liked by 1 person

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