4 Ways to Relax – while Staying Productive!

hey there! my school’s exam period recently ended, and as the holidays are coming up really soon, i’m starting to relax a bit more, though i still want to stay productive. does anyone else spend the whole afternoon watching youtube or playing games… and later feel really guilty that it was pretty much a waste of time?

maybe’s that just how i feel, but either way i’ve rounded up a list of fun, generally artistic hobbies or activities that you can enjoy, while still learning something or creating a nice product! let’s jump right into the list.

1. Typography


admittedly, creating professional-looking typography is something i consider way out of my own league. but hey, one can always dream right?

anyway, i think it’s a nice creative outlet. you can remind yourself with inspiring quotes and at the same time learn a bit of patience (at least i do, with all that planning and practice of my writing styles) while producing a print you can pin up later.

and if you’re not sure where or how to start your typography, you could go check out Skillshare! that site has so many courses for creatives, including those for typography. although the site recommends a premium membership (paid), you can of course join for free too! (i did haha)

my favourite style of typography would have to be calligraphy! what about you? if you don’t already follow me on instagram (@themagicalcanopy), do go check me out! i post some of my calligraphy attempts there and other updates on my blogging and personal life.

2. Design Games

design games at method.au

learning something new while having fun? yay, sign me up please.

i found out about this awesome site for learning a bit about design a while back, and even if you’re not super serious about being a designer, the fun games are great for challenging yourself (to get higher scores!) while learning some design skills.

go check it out at http://method.ac/ – you can play games to master the pen tool (bezier), kern and shape letters, and choose better matching colours (combinations like complementary colours).

i’m honestly still struggling to get the hang of bezier (oops) but i think i’ve mostly mastered the kerning game, and i’ve played the colour game a couple of times with my friends to beat each other’s scores.

if you try out the games, do leave a comment on this post and tell me your scores and what you think of each of them! my favourite is probably the kerning game, if i had to choose. it actually seemed a little hard at first, but seriously – when i first saw the 100% score pop up, it was hard not to feel great!

3. Visual Diaries

making the perfect visual diary

often, when i’m feeling a little down, i’ll pull out my “emotions” journal and doodle a few sketches, trying to express my feelings and sometimes with captions to explain how i feel. recently, i was introduced to this term “visual diary” on Vanilla Craft Blog, where the blogger also shared videos on how to create your own visual diary! you can read her posts and watch her tutorials here and here. (there are two parts)

i’ve haven’t really tried doing mix-media journals like in her posts, but i will probably try them too, since it looks really cute and fun! i think these visual diaries could help to brighten up your day and reading them later will definitely be rewarding.

4. DIYs

DIY spotty bookcovers for school

this last one might seem a little obvious, but i think all of us find DIYs rewarding, myself included. it’s cool to create a commercial looking product with materials you most likely already have at home, and maybe a printable or two from online!

i know that the internet is abundant with DIY ideas, and i’ve tried a couple before, but i had particular success making these notebook covers from A Little Birdy Blog for school. i also love to decorate wooden clothespins with a fine permanent marker; the clothespins can be used to hang up stuff like polariods in your room or as any other kind of decor. maybe i’ll post some ideas for decorating clothespins soon!

and that’s a wrap! i hope you have fun trying out these ideas for relaxing while learning fresh skills and creating a final piece. do tell me which you’re going to try out!

see you in my next post!

xx, roxanne.

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