Hello May! // Free Monthly Planner and List

may 2015 planner (mockup)

hello and happy 2nd of May! to celebrate the start of this month, i’ve created a couple of month-based printables for your personal use. these took a little work and some tricky time management (which is not my forte) so they’re one day late… still, enjoy!

the first is a goals list – just a couple of lines for you to write down monthly goals or big plans/projects. it can be pinned up or used as a wallpaper to remind yourself about your goals! i’m thinking it’ll also be handy to print it out on a smaller scale for super busy days too. {default size is A5}

i also made a calendar/planner for this month. in each turquoise square there’s a small space for that day’s tasks, events, or anything else you might want to write down. admittedly i’m personally very ungrateful for the small bright things in each day, so i thought i might use the space to write down something i’m thankful for and be happy about even a small good thing daily. {default size is A4}

personally, in May i hope to boost my productivity and spend less time surfing the internet aimlessly – i literally love reading other lifestyle blogs and watching videos too much haha. :p what about you?

i hope you had a good labour day… and MAY you have a good month! ;D

xx, roxanne

{may to-do list download}

{may planner download}

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