New Beginnings

new beginnings wallpaperhey there! glad you’ve found my blog, the magical canopy. i’m Roxanne, a left-handed dreamy girl living in South East Asia (SEA).

i love organization, and cute and craft stationery is my ultimate weakness!! i’m also pretty enthusiastic about horses, turtles and nature in general. to be honest, for me, starting a blog has always been a lofty but unattainable goal.

i’ve tried before and ended up running out of ideas, which was admittedly quite demoralising. but this time, i’ve promised myself to make it different. the idea and name for the magical canopy came around this time, in march 2015.

i was reading amazing blogs and feeling pretty inspired myself, but before starting the blog, i guess i kind of held myself back. “what if i can’t commit?” i thought. still wanting to give it a shot, i decided to continue brainstorming for blog ideas, scribbling them down in a notebook. that brings me to the present, as you read this post!!

after a month or so of planning, i’m still equally excited about this endeavour and have a few posts planned, so i decided to push through and start this blog! the date of official launching of this blog was also planned; it doesn’t have a massive meaning but 28/4 = 7 which is my favourite number – yay!

the magical canopy will be generally a lifestyle blog, with printables, crafts and DIYs, and the occasional photos here and there. i can’t wait to get started! 😀

for now, i’ve made this desktop wallpaper with the quote “here’s to new beginnings”, which i thought was apt and fitting for this post.

it’s now available for download at the bottom of this post. enjoy!

see you soon in my next post!

xx, roxanne

{download here!}

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