5 ways to spend the end of the holidays

5 ways to spend the end of the holidays.png

i’m definitely filled to the brim with dread as i realize that i’ve only got less than five days (by the time i post this, even less :< ) of the school holidays left… and then it’s back to banefully early mornings, awkward social situations and all my time & energy being sapped unforgivably by deadlines and assessments.

yep, i am most certainly not looking forward to school’s re-opening. (also, i’ve also only posted once throughout this entire month even though i had more time than usual; so pretty irked by that as well TT) like seriously??? i do not want to go back lol,, even so, the inevitable must eventually happen ;-; so i thought i’d keep myself accountable by writing out a couple of things i want to do more of before reality creeps back in.

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eastside adventures

cover_eastside adventures.png

a rly rly long time ago (before i got my doggo lol), my mum & i went to this dog adoption drive hehe and although we didn’t return with any pupper :< … i did get myself a pair of doggo socks & a bunch of aesthetic photos. 😉

excuse the title HAHA – the place is kinda in the east of where i live and it made sense for a vaguely cool-sounding title lol. & yep i did a lil collage thing once more with the photos!! super excited to share it bc they rly are very pretty, so here it is 🙂

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just updating~

• just updating~~ •

trying a vertical photo instead?! lol

haven’t posted in too damn long ;-; so i realized i rly ought to get my arse back here and write something :/

lately i’ve been caught up in a neverending barrage of schoolwork and other exhausting commitments and tbh i’m more tired and spent than ever .___. things r alright, just rly, rly draining. so i’m sorry for not posting in almost two months, but i’m trying to be understanding to myself as well bc i really don’t have the present circumstances to make it all work out. anyway, this post is just a quick update on things as well as some visual fodder (aka recent photos).

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