lettering & wildflowers | new brush pens!

lettering & wildflowers cover.png

rmb the previous post w/ pancakes & cute galleries?!! (gna link it here in case you don’t…) well my friend amy happens to be a Cool Kid who also does brush lettering so on the same day, we also went by Tokyu Hands (it’s this japanese shop!) to peruse their selection of brush pens hehe. i picked up two new brushes pens as per her recommendation! and since they’re a brand new type i haven’t tried before, i naturally had to do a quick test run at home 🙂

to be honest i haven’t practiced lettering in too darn long so excuse me HAHA but i was rly excited to get writing again & also try out the new pens! so… to get the point HAHA i spent a leisurely morning reminding my hands how to do calligraphy & also experimenting with the nice new brush pens hehe. (they were good, btw. thanks amy. :D)

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pancakes & gallery-hopping

aesthetic cover hehe.png

it’s kinda pathetic but for most part of my school holidays, i’ve been holed up at home, alternating between baking & watching tv shows on my laptop .__. thankfully my friend amy (or to quote her; mysterious friend A) helped to haul me out of the house a few days ago!!

we ate vegan food and perused art galleries which are obviously two activities of great interest to me. so here are some cute photos from that day + a collage?? thing bc i can’t live without those layouts 🙂

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vegan snack haul!! | brown rice paradise #1

hehe cover.png

hEy long time no post omg :< i know this is kind of not really my usual type of post,,, but i love being vegetarian (& almost vegan hehe :>) so much that i really had to write about it. bc i mean what’s a blog without content that you’re passionate about! 🙂

and since world vegan day recently passed, here’s a lil blog post of a bunch of vegan !!! snacks that i got from this organic foods store a while back & my thoughts on them. obviously my own opinions haha & it may not apply to everyone but oh well.

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