shadows & lightplay

light works.png

exam prep is in full swing but here’s some really cool stuff from a sunny afternoon when i went out with my phone to take photos and try to make shadows look good :>

i normally hate the life out of sunny days but hey if they can produce good photos i’m all for this! also it was a good break from cramming facts :<

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school stress & (half-hearted) advice

school is hard.png

whew here’s an update on my life: school is officially consuming my entire life!! /screams/ i spend a lot of time in school & i realize that its actly draining me out alot and making me horrifically stressed,,,

enter: this post which doesn’t really know what it wants to be tbh HAHAHA. i was trying to be all ~cool and knowledgable~ and share tips on dealing with stress but then i realized that i myself am terrible at dealing with stress. i cant do it at all and rn im actually dying (insert the upside down smiling emoji,,)

so this quickly turned into half-hearted advice. some of it is vaguely functional and somewhat useful and other bits,,, eh they just reflect how useless i am at dealing with the pressure that is school. it’s rly cynical and kind of sarcastic, which i actually like HAHAHA.

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