making christmas cards

christmas card ideas 0.png

heyoo & merry christmas!! having good time management is noooot exactly my thing so i wasn’t sure if i could get this post out on time… but since you’re seeing this, i apparently did! also pretty cool that i’ve actually posted three times this holidays LMAO which is more than the rest of the whole year :’)

although i don’t celebrate this festive occasion much (beyond going to church & having a relatively lowkey family dinner), a couple of my friends wanted to exchange cards with me & i also think it’s good to set aside time to make some cards & write nice messages . so yeap HAHA here’s a kind of random post w/ photos of my card-making process from this year’s christmas :–)

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golden hour in the CBD


(wao look at me posting two months in a row!! Amazing.)

finally back with another post! fr tho the photos were taken in july and i had planned to post about it for really long so there are no excuses apart from my unbelievable laziness la : /

anyway, with project work over (yay!!), i’ve finallyyy gotten around to making the collages & writing this intro. the inertia was rly bad HAHA but this was nonetheless rly fun & although i say it a lot… i’m glad to have a small pocket of time for creative stuff again.

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new photos! from ikea

o man haha look what happened to posting once a month!!!!11!

first post on the blog since january LOL & i’m definitely less eloquent and kind of a disoriented mess when it comes to blogging & other creative stuff. :__( anyway, here are some photos from a shoot a prettyy long time back too while i figure out what to write & do with my blog from now on HAHA

collage part 1

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