golden hour in the CBD


(wao look at me posting two months in a row!! Amazing.)

finally back with another post! fr tho the photos were taken in july and i had planned to post about it for really long so there are no excuses apart from my unbelievable laziness la : /

anyway, with project work over (yay!!), i’ve finallyyy gotten around to making the collages & writing this intro. the inertia was rly bad HAHA but this was nonetheless rly fun & although i say it a lot… i’m glad to have a small pocket of time for creative stuff again.

lil backstory?? — took these photos during cca a long while back. that evening was so deliriously pretty; with crimson-hued sunset lighting that felt warm & hazy in the right way… & it was also rly nice shooting with such great people :^)

collage 1.png

collage 2.png

mhm well guess that’s all! hope you’re not sick of photography posts yet bc i still have a bunch and i just came back from an overseas school trip (yunnan! see instagram for more photos!) so i’ll probably be making a visual travelogue of sorts too. hehe.


keke here r my social media which i update more than my blog :p 

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new photos! from ikea

o man haha look what happened to posting once a month!!!!11!

first post on the blog since january LOL & i’m definitely less eloquent and kind of a disoriented mess when it comes to blogging & other creative stuff. :__( anyway, here are some photos from a shoot a prettyy long time back too while i figure out what to write & do with my blog from now on HAHA

collage part 1

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nicely edited dog photos

matcha's photoshoot w: balloons.png

(sry i couldn’t conceive a better title lmao) 

was informed by instagram story polls (aka not exactly the most reliable source of public opinion, but it’ll have to do) that most of you want more photography/art related posts! so here we are :- )

actually took & processed these photos last year but amidst all the new year posts (see here & here, haha) somehow it slipped my mind to publish them. nbd tho bc they’ll get their deserved exposure today!!

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