nicely edited dog photos

matcha's photoshoot w: balloons.png

(sry i couldn’t conceive a better title lmao) 

was informed by instagram story polls (aka not exactly the most reliable source of public opinion, but it’ll have to do) that most of you want more photography/art related posts! so here we are :- )

actually took & processed these photos last year but amidst all the new year posts (see here & here, haha) somehow it slipped my mind to publish them. nbd tho bc they’ll get their deserved exposure today!!

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2018 thoughts & goals

2018 thoughts & goals.png

heyy there & happy new year!! as always i’m kinda late on the 2018 bandwagon LOL but here’s my post doing some rendition of a recap of last year, as well as my plans for the upcoming one! in other words, brace yourself for lots of my typical meandering rambles & verbiage :p

i’d also point out that a lot of my thoughts about 2018 also kind of overlap/lead into my goals (i think that’s the point though, right?) so uhh, bear with the possible redundancy ahead haha.

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favourite things of 2017! | food, stationery & memories

my favourite things of 2017_2.png

hullooo~~ today’s post is going to be a lil bit of a roundup, since the year is ending RLY soon :-0 & i’ve always liked looking back on how things have been so far. this year a lot of new stuff happened & i’ve discovered a lot of new interests/likes so i thought it would be a really good time to share some of them with you guys! & maybe you might be similarly inspired or fall in love w/ new stuff too, idk, that would be cool :p

headsup that this post is inspired by (my fav) caitlin shoemaker! (i love her blog/videos so much and you seriously HAVE to go check her out if you haven’t already.) anyway she recently uploaded a video with a bunch of things that made her year & i was pretty inspired to do a similar thing, except in blog post format. so here we go i guess!

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